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restored +chat integral 10:39 PM, Monday May 15, 2017 EDT
abusive language -chat integral 5:21 PM, Friday May 12, 2017 EDT
restored. sorry it took a bit longer. +chat +play +post jurgen 5:32 PM, Monday September 28, 2015 EDT
stop being toxic please. 1 day ban so you can think about it -chat -play -post jurgen 6:31 PM, Wednesday September 23, 2015 EDT

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PGA with zumo and raul010 everyday, everygame at 2k and 5k. Farms, doesnt respect flags, stabs... The player with no honor at all. This should stop, we need a fair and fun game not this kind of teams that ruin dice.
Henrik on Thursday April 16, 2020
pga, trucing, farming, stabbing, this one does it all
harlemshaker on Wednesday April 15, 2020
This guy is one of those ballers from behimd the keyboard. I can imagine he's just a piece of melted chocolate in real life ;)...that's why he has so many polite reviews I suppose ^_^
ondrasz on Saturday April 4, 2020
just a prick :)
avesano on Tuesday March 31, 2020
This guy has stabbed me and others so many times
PanzerRed on Thursday March 26, 2020
Good player
Amoliane on Saturday November 23, 2019
trash player, kill on site
rushwing on Sunday November 10, 2019
fucking bastard
potote on Thursday October 24, 2019
Absolute child. Keeps sabotaging a 100 game to try to bully people to play 2000. -- [This review was automatically posted using Deadcode Tools for KDice. Download: http://kdice.com/profile/44773121]
PeteyC on Thursday September 26, 2019
Farms after being supported and after accepting flags. Not too good a sport.
Louis Cypher on Thursday September 26, 2019
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