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eEqualsMCsquared: dude, before this is over. i just wanna say thanks for inspiring me and making me finish this course. love from pokemon trainer. cya dude!!!
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Recognized on 3:34 PM, Saturday December 5, 2015 EST by integral
thanks for your hospitality

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Play restored +play integral 6:05 PM, Saturday July 28, 2018 EDT
-play by request -play integral 9:48 PM, Thursday December 1, 2016 EST
out on bail +chat integral 9:01 PM, Tuesday September 9, 2014 EDT
2 hours minus chat -chat integral 8:23 PM, Tuesday September 9, 2014 EDT
+play, let's talk later :) +play jurgen 5:42 PM, Sunday October 20, 2013 EDT
for making the account FIST FUCK JURGEN -play jurgen 2:35 PM, Thursday October 17, 2013 EDT

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PGE Steven Schaming
Generalstab on Friday January 20, 2023
greeen on Tuesday December 27, 2022
Dude111, Corrupt, jealous and likes to Manipulate other players. I forgive him because he is a man with special needs.
Pashaa on Monday November 7, 2022
Stabs on flags and intentionally screws over people's games, even if it doesn't benefit him, just because he has some power sometimes. Also, doesn't like getting called a cunt when acting like one. I'd expect better actions from a high level player, so Ill update my review if he ever demonstrates change in behavior.
SOCRATES SLB on Sunday November 6, 2022
Guy this change until he PGEs his review.
Acrisius on Thursday October 27, 2022
Very sympathetic player that I enjoy playing with. And: the dudesrules for noobs are really (really) good, check the forum!
martindian on Friday October 14, 2022
good and positive player
the_king333 on Thursday October 13, 2022
this guy is fun and good looking
Dude111 on Wednesday October 12, 2022
Yet another strong player that has the character trait of finding joy by spreading misery and mocking people that are having a not so fun time. Other than that an unpleasant troll.
Louis Cypher on Friday October 7, 2022
Backstabber. Just the round after he accepts my flag. I agree with louis, avi and landi. And particularly with defeated.
havoc99 on Thursday October 6, 2022
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