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nice fight ! u god ? lol
spman on Friday May 3, 2013
Good Guy. Fair.
Lee34 on Tuesday April 2, 2013
fair player
longray on Friday March 29, 2013
PGA with Hidden Agenda
senil on Wednesday March 20, 2013
Nice fair fight Thank you
GodOfThunder666 on Wednesday February 20, 2013
A pleasure to play with =)
The_Dink on Sunday February 17, 2013
pga in tournys with pooch723. kill asap.
nW0 on Sunday February 17, 2013
great player, very nice to talk to and always a pleasure at the table - great you are back again :-) hope to meet you more often now
Mrs. M on Saturday February 16, 2013
Myst defended 6v2, 11 to 12, (1,3,2,2,2,1 to 6,6) thx for that :)
Monsanto on Friday February 15, 2013
I come here to say just "nice player", but saw last review and want to repeat it "great guy, who's playing in order to play and have fun, and not just win at all costs, yet he wins often. what can i say, games are better with him at the table. take care"
Egazas on Friday February 15, 2013
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