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james bond007

Kill your friends, Poison your enemies.
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young and impressionable. be nice he is delicate. but don't trust.
I Kant on Thursday January 3, 2013
Note my review on MATAAHRI's page. :) nice whining bitch
james bond007 on Wednesday January 2, 2013
Piece of shit, dirty backstabber, NEVER trust his word, never accept his flag
MATAAHRI on Wednesday January 2, 2013
fight 4 v 1 fucking unfair guy! Didnt looked at the flags!
lorixa on Wednesday January 2, 2013
Dicebomb-Papaya, havn't even played you guys. GTFO??
james bond007 on Sunday May 27, 2012
annoying pointwhore
PapayaPlaya on Sunday May 27, 2012
pussy whines when he loses a roll off so he can get a 2nd roll off to try and get 4th instead of 3rd
grandgnu on Sunday May 27, 2012
just a fucking asshole
dicebomb on Saturday May 19, 2012
flags, builds, then stabs you. kill him.
hcdug on Thursday May 17, 2012
Worked well with this player - he fought well as a team and flagged before I could offer a roll for 1/2
calls calls on Thursday May 17, 2012
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