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Total ass. Leaving fake reviews for losing. Dont play with him.
meriloh1 on Friday March 29, 2013
round 2 flagger.
AIfons on Saturday February 16, 2013
Every negative review here is obviously someone i made an enemy out of because THEY were playing in a disrespectful/cheating manner~
Clovinator on Thursday January 17, 2013
Looks down on everyone, but he's really not so good of a player. No idea why he thinks he is.
Apod93 on Monday December 24, 2012
leaves fake reviews
Axl Rose Sucks on Monday October 29, 2012
Clovinator is a big nub he dont know what ''flag'' means and he will att you after he see's ur level is lower then the player that is almost dead so then he att you and ur screwed (his luck is everywhere) so he screws u over
Jokerasda on Monday September 17, 2012
nice player
dogiscan on Monday August 6, 2012
good d00d
Fieri on Saturday August 4, 2012
fair player
13roken on Saturday June 23, 2012
why did you disrespect me? why act like a jerk? not sure why you think it is ok to treat other people so poorly, low class man, so unnecessary. seriously.
adtsm on Thursday June 21, 2012
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