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TRUTH INJECTION: phatony + Biss = PGA. phatony "flagged" Biss in ROUND TWO. When Biss grew strong (of course he had a buddy in the map) he DISRESPECTED THE FLAGS of 2nd and 3rd place and still refused to attack phatony (even when phatony was the guy he SHOULD have attacked). It was clear they were PGA. I was in 2nd place so I retaliated against Biss for disrespecting my flag and so did the person in 3rd place (the guy who phatony says I am PGA with). Seriously, phatony. Don't lie, don't PGA and maybe you may enjoy this game. Ever since that game phatony and Biss stalk me telling everyone I am PGA with everyone else. LOL. Get a life, phatony and biss.
cremouch on Saturday December 5, 2009
he allied to someone in round 2, then those 2 didn't respect from another palyer for no reason. then they even truced another guy. either PGA or really one of the worst pieces of shit around.
OviloN on Friday December 4, 2009
Antarctica, Islam may be a religion, but the hatred of someone because of religion is still considered racism.
phatony on Sunday November 15, 2009
FACT: Muslims kill American soldiers. FACT: Muslims flew planes into buildings in NY. FACT: Muslim is not a race, its a religion. FACT: You are a complete idiot.
Antarctica on Saturday November 14, 2009
Respectable trustworthy player.
Caephus on Friday November 6, 2009
he has to learn lot
Gumaar on Monday November 2, 2009
Thinks flagging is equal to trucing. Got to respect that :)
Jans on Saturday October 24, 2009
Alejandro Lupus on Friday October 23, 2009
unbelievable player... I think he doesn't understand the game. But it's my own opinion...
Balrog75 on Friday October 16, 2009
likes French cunts
DJCrowther on Tuesday October 13, 2009
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