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I don't think you truely know the concept of a flag
pooch723 on Tuesday March 30, 2010
very fair player
vuk on Wednesday March 24, 2010
His rhymes are tight.
six-spot-six on Friday October 30, 2009
Killed me, even though she accepted my flag a couple of rounds ago...
hull on Thursday October 22, 2009
dont respect my flag..pga gamer...
LostLove on Wednesday September 30, 2009
...wrong side...sorry
cinzano on Tuesday September 29, 2009
I attacked Pustekuchen. He didn't like it.
Spang! on Tuesday September 8, 2009
dumbas and piece of shit. just destroying. kill this idiot always first. plays pga with masterec! i dont care wehere you from, small piece of shit. your an islemonkey.
Pustekuchen on Tuesday September 8, 2009
Treats the game like a game, not seriously so really fun to play with. Not against though :S
Count Max on Tuesday August 18, 2009
Spang! can READ English, of course you'd expect nothing less from a Limey! Fought very hard and well, THEN threw it all away for 2nd? When he had 1st????????????????
FlagEater on Friday August 14, 2009
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