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The other day I... uh, no, that wasn't me. Steven Wright
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Well Masshole, you are the first with only good reviews, thoughed you were a wanker again, but respect, ill behave more in the future thnx for review, although you werent that positive :)
@eetcafevdmarkt on Sunday May 1, 2011
Smart, Respectful player
SPARTA! on Monday March 7, 2011
Flag up on round 8! Nice!!!
Kvernaldo on Monday March 7, 2011
Nice tourney man, fair played and damned entertaining ;)
Marius_1987 on Friday March 19, 2010
ty.. you are good player ... was nice to play with you in tourney ... gl dude...
Robertass on Thursday February 4, 2010
Honorable player.
nodice4u on Thursday February 4, 2010
Nice to play with someone respectful and fellow masshole :)
faebunny on Friday December 25, 2009
What a complete dickhead! Good luck in life dickwad!
Crapface on Friday December 25, 2009
Good Guy and Good Player!!! Ty for Nice last game!!! Cya!!! ;)
Rock_N_Rolla85 on Sunday December 20, 2009
Nice guy,gg!!!
SParker on Wednesday October 28, 2009
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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