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panzer wrote
at 8:02 AM, Saturday October 30, 2010 EDT
Who'sNutz?: nazi name and pic and israeli flag...clearly the kid needs a punch in the face
Dark_lunatic_K wrote
at 12:13 AM, Wednesday June 3, 2009 EDT
Sieg Heil \o
tyty2323 wrote
at 9:53 PM, Friday May 1, 2009 EDT
sodapop is a gay bitch
panzer wrote
at 10:27 PM, Thursday April 30, 2009 EDT
SodaPop: can u ban panzer
panzer wrote
at 7:25 PM, Monday December 1, 2008 EST
eowulf: lol
geowulf: brutal
know_it_all: fuck u teal
jschelz: wow
panzer: like that shit red
jschelz: 1 hit
know_it_all: asshole
jschelz: nice one teal
panzer: fear me mother fucker
longhair wrote
at 2:43 PM, Saturday November 29, 2008 EST
great player cool player fair player he is panzer
panzer wrote
at 4:05 PM, Sunday November 9, 2008 EST
This asshole zjs.xa1 (some stupid pole was truing to have his buddy and screw me out of 2nd - so i had to bust this move on him -

panzer's turn
zjs.xa1 defended 8v8, 24 to 32, (2,2,2,5,5,4,1,3 to 5,5,5,4,4,2,6,1)
zjs.xa1 defeated 8v8, 32 to 24, (3,6,6,6,4,1,3,3 to 4,2,2,6,4,1,4,1)
zjs.xa1 defeated 7v8, 29 to 26, (4,3,6,5,3,6,2 to 4,5,4,4,1,5,2,1)
Kennethdix defeated 6v7, 26 to 25, (4,6,4,6,4,2 to 4,5,4,4,1,1,6)
Kennethdix defeated 5v3, 14 to 5, (4,2,3,2,3 to 3,1,1)
Kennethdix defeated 4v3, 12 to 6, (2,2,3,5 to 1,4,1)
panzer wrote
at 6:58 PM, Wednesday October 22, 2008 EDT
Machetto: you are weird panzer
Embair: well what would you await from a dude with "panzer" nickname :-)

panzer wrote
at 6:44 PM, Wednesday October 22, 2008 EDT
okey9: teal, red, you can just cut him in half lokey9: lol hcdug: screw that, panzer is a head case hcdug: I dont like crossing him, it hurts
panzer wrote
at 6:42 PM, Wednesday October 22, 2008 EDT
Haulkus: what is yellow doing?
Haulkus: lol
skuzzy: trying to figure that out myself
Finlet: i have no idea
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