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Wanted to write something, but turns out that Mark Twain already wrote exactly what I wanted to write...
fluxboxer on Thursday December 26, 2019
dishonest player
siulebule on Monday December 2, 2019
Friendly, honourable, and skilled
Created on Saturday November 9, 2019
You just play so lame and noobish so often
jaja on Friday November 8, 2019
Just an uninteresting player. Never had fun playing with. Avoid him.
Amoliane on Saturday November 2, 2019
usually fair
avesano on Sunday October 20, 2019
I do not hate you trism. You just play so lame and noobish so often. Do not follow a player that moved away from you, do not flag for 2nd when 2=3, do not screw other players without personal gain,, do not ruin others for nothing. I'm sorry i got upset
Mark Twain on Sunday October 20, 2019
ignoring flags
PRESlDENT on Saturday October 5, 2019
ignores flags in tourney
Secret Powers on Thursday June 14, 2018
I don't disagree with previous comments - horrible, idiot, douche, backstabber, asshole, and other descriptions below seem apt
dunnoy on Wednesday June 6, 2018
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