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bigbarbe on Saturday August 31, 2013
pga with jubi and stabber
fluxboxer on Saturday July 27, 2013
igino on Wednesday December 26, 2012
backstabber, sad kid
Lady Lite on Tuesday December 25, 2012
he acept a truce with me and other for 1/2/3 when we fight with the other two player, he start to atack me, is an asshole will remember you fucking idiot
Bimbo Loco on Friday December 14, 2012
idiot pga with Spartaco not fair plazer idiot bad pga!!delte acc!
bivo on Wednesday June 20, 2012
idiot pga with Spartaco
tvor on Wednesday June 20, 2012
He is aN untrusty. DONT TRUST HIM. NEVER NEVER NEVER.......................................
olasigarip on Thursday April 26, 2012
best player in this game
longray on Thursday March 8, 2012
2012-02-26 Solimyr is a Level 51 chat jerk and a bad 1st place player, the kind who wants to decide which place everyone else will get. He should follow my motto: When 1st is in hand leave everyone alone unless you are attacked or there is stalemate (someone justs sits there at the end of the game). All chat below is verbatim as always. ++++++++++ Solimyr: nice luck ---------- Del Monte: messy ---------- Solimyr: fucking lag ########## ---------- Pakce: flag purp ---------- 3.14159: flag purple [Note: Solmyr is purple.] ---------- Solimyr: k ---------- Del Monte: Flag purp, I just need to get out ---------- 3.14159: obviously, please take our islands ---------- Solimyr: k ---------- 3.14159: just need to try to get to blue ---------- Del Monte: Can you move the 5 plz? ---------- Solimyr: where? ---------- 3.14159: well, i hope you don't mind the bad review Solimyr [Note: I said this after Solimyr attacked me and wiped me out AFTER accepting my flag--below is his bad excuse.] ---------- Del Monte: take the 2 ---------- Solimyr: i think blue is 2 ########## [Note: Solimyr's excuse for attacking a player whose flag he had accepted? "blue is 2."] ---------- 3.14159: you earned it ---------- 3.14159: you are a typical bad 1st place player then, Solimyr ---------- Solimyr: thx ---------- Solimyr: lol ---------- 3.14159: my motto (which you should follow): when 1st is in hand leave everyone alone... ---------- Solimyr: you attack me ---------- 3.14159: unless attacked or stalemate ---------- Pakce: gg ---------- Solimyr: so shut up ########## ---------- 3.14159: you know better than that, Solimyr ---------- 3.14159: don't act like an idiot ---------- 3.14159: unless you are one ---------- Solimyr: still speaking? ########## ---------- 3.14159: are you an idiot, Solimyr? ---------- 3.14159: you pretend to be ---------- 3.14159: so are you? ---------- Solimyr: you are loooser 3.15159: do you mean "loser"? are you that dumb, Solmyr [Note: I was NOT referring to the spelling 'mistake' but to the dumb guys who chat things like 'loooser' or 'looooooooooooser.'] ---------- Solimyr: no...I mean loooooooooooser ---------- 3.14159: are you really THAT dumb, Solimyr? ---------- 3.14159: oh, you really ARE that dumb!!!!! ---------- 3.14159: good for you, Solimyr ---------- Solimyr: yeah I'm ---------- Solimyr: are you happy now? ########## [Note: Poor 5th grade passive aggressive Solimyr. He can't compete and knows it.] ---------- 3.14159: you are a bad 1st place player and an idiot ---------- 3.14159: good for you ---------- Solimyr: good for me ########## [Note: Poor 5th grade passive aggressive Solimyr. He can't compete and knows it.] ---------- 3.14159: are YOU happy now? ---------- 3.14159: you seem self-satisfied--is that the same? ---------- Solimyr: learn to play ########## [Note: The typical web boy responses: 'learn to play' and 'get a life' or some variation thereof.] ---------- Solimyr: and stop crying [Note: Stop crying or stop point out how bad a guy Solimyr is?] ---------- 3.14159: i know how to play with honor and for the betterment of Kdice--you do not, Solimyr ---------- 3.14159: again, MY motto which YOU should follow is: ---------- 3.14159: when 1st is in hand leave everyone alone... ---------- 3.14159: unless attacked or stalemate ---------- Solimyr: I don't give a shit about your thinking ########## [Note: I LOVE this response as much as he HATES having his own words on display.] ---------- 3.14159: every decent player agrees with me ---------- 3.14159: i know YOU don't care--you are a bad player ---------- 3.14159: you are a 3%er, Solimyr ---------- Solimyr: so go to play with your friends and alter-ego ---------- 3.14159: one of the 3% who make Kdice worse ---------- 3.14159: i don't have an alt, unlike you bad guys ---------- 3.14159: you bad guys, Solimyr, have alts ---------- Solimyr: lol ---------- 3.14159: so you can act even worse than your non-alts ---------- 3.14159: rofl ---------- 3.14159: lol ---------- dextrinlife: flag teal ---------- 3.14159: lmao ---------- 3.14159: pick one ---------- 3.14159: haha ---------- gabibo: flg tal ---------- 3.14159: you really chat like that, Solimyr? "LOL" and stuff like that? ---------- diyshesh: already... ok ---------- 3.14159: really? ---------- Solimyr: m2 ---------- Solimyr: 3.14159 get a life ########## [Note: See, Dear Readers? I told you. Solimyr can be a bad guy but WE need to get lives. What an idiot Solimyr is.] ---------- 3.14159: teal, give Solimyr no consideration--he attacks flagged players when HE is in 1st because he wants to decide everything--as in 'blue gets 2nd' ---------- 3.14159: i have an honorable, good life, Solimyr--you do not ---------- 3.14159: you are a bad Kdice player--a 3%er ---------- 3.14159: you make Kdice worse for everyone around you ---------- Solimyr: so enjoy your honorable life and fuck off ########## ---------- 3.14159: THERE it is ---------- 3.14159: THAT is Solimyr ---------- 3.14159: say some more, Soli ---------- 3.14159: cat got your tongue? ---------- diyshesh: gg ---------- gabibo: gg ---------- 3.14159: embarrassed now Soli? ---------- 3.14159: your cheeks red, Soli? ---------- 3.14159: i eat guys like you UP ---------- Solimyr: ok ---------- 3.14159: "ok"!!!!! ---------- 3.14159: brilliant ---------- Solimyr: but I'm here to play and not to chat with you ########## [Note: Oh, poor Solimyr! After his bad acts he now whines that he is 'here to play.' What a juvenile hypocrite.] ---------- 3.14159: no, you are here to be a bad Kdice player ---------- 3.14159: that is what you do ---------- Solimyr: so, I'm going to another table..you can follow me!I Like fans ########## [Note: Solimyr pretends to want my attention when he really wants to be left alone and REALLY wants no one to call him on his bad behavior.] ---------- 3.14159: right Soli? ---------- Solimyr has left ---------- [Note: Now on to a different table.] ---------- 3.14159: Solimyr, why did you run away? ---------- 3.14159: chicken? ---------- Solimyr: I told you that I was moving ---------- 3.14159: yes, but WHY did you run away? ---------- 3.14159: couldn't take it? ---------- Solimyr: ? ---------- 3.14159: you like to dish it out but can't take it? ---------- Wayun: flag purp ---------- 3.14159: do i need to use smaller words, Soli? ---------- 3.14159: simpler sentences? ---------- porscheturbo911: round2 ---------- porscheturbo911: round2 ---------- porscheturbo911: r2! ---------- Egil83: COUNTER ---------- Wayun: XD ---------- Solimyr: ok ---------- fonzkopp: k ---------- porscheturbo911: ok red ---------- 3.14159: speak up, Soli--you were so proud earlier ---------- Solimyr: Proud? ---------- Solimyr: lol ---------- 3.14159: i notice, Soli, that 8 out of your last 10 reviews call you a 'backstabber' ########## [Note: I never say that Solimyr backstabbed ME, but Solimyr later accuses me of having said that he backstabbed me. Typical lie by someone like Solimyr. ---------- 3.14159: that fits with what i saw in our game ---------- Egil83: damn ---------- Solimyr: sometimes bad review means good player ---------- Egil83: bammm ---------- 3.14159: Soli, YOUR bad reviews mean you are a bad player ---------- 3.14159: are you PROUD of being a backstabber, Soli? ---------- Solimyr: oooooook ---------- porscheturbo911: who is those number? :P ---------- 3.14159: 'oooooook'? ---------- porscheturbo911: this ---------- 3.14159: brilliant ---------- Solimyr: He is my fan ########## [Note: I LOVE this. Solimyr is pretending not to care about my pointing out his bad behavior, but he HATES it.] ---------- porscheturbo911: red nice work ---------- porscheturbo911: i take them ok red ---------- Solimyr: yell ---------- 3.14159: you really are the bottom of the barrel, Soli--no intelligence, no honor, no consideration ---------- Egil83: yell take north ---------- Solimyr: I flag 2 ---------- Solimyr: ok? ---------- Egil83: 3rd ok for me ---------- 3.14159: and SO proud of your Level 51 ---------- Wayun: its round 5 -.- ---------- Wayun: ^^ ---------- Solimyr: good ---------- 3.14159: your greatest achievement, right Soli? ---------- 3.14159: Level 51!!!! ---------- Egil83: and teal should get 4th ---------- Wayun: sry lag ---------- porscheturbo911: teal 4 ---------- Solimyr: I have got this level during last years ---------- 3.14159: it must help to backstab ---------- porscheturbo911: brown show 2nd ---------- 3.14159: get you to Level 51 faster ---------- Solimyr: Now I can just show 6 ---------- Egil83: yell its rd 7 ---------- porscheturbo911: oh i see ---------- porscheturbo911: sorry a bit too fast ---------- Egil83: possible after rd 8 ---------- Egil83: ;) ---------- porscheturbo911: i know :P ---------- Egil83: kill green ---------- Solimyr: flag ---------- porscheturbo911: red iwill ---------- porscheturbo911: green, purp, teal ---------- porscheturbo911: thats my plan ---------- Wayun: wow^^ ---------- Wayun: gg ---------- porscheturbo911: and the correct row ---------- Egil83: gg ---------- porscheturbo911: lucky. ---------- Solimyr: Where is my fan? [Note: See? Solimyr can't stand not knowing. If he were mature and proud of his actions he would just ignore me or even mute me, but Solimyr is arrogant AND embarrassed at the same time.] ---------- Solimyr: Are you still here? ---------- 3.14159: are you? ---------- Solimyr: Oh well ---------- Solimyr: good ---------- 3.14159: good ---------- 3.14159: pursue honor, wisdom, and justice, Soli--there is civilized life ---------- Solimyr: ok ---------- Solimyr: let go to another tabel ---------- 3.14159: HONOR BEFORE KDICE! right Soli? ---------- Solimyr: ok? ---------- 3.14159: no? you don't put honor before kdice, Soli? ---------- Solimyr: 3.14159....I don't give a shit about what you say ########## ---------- 3.14159: that figures ---------- 3.14159: i know you don't, Soli ---------- 3.14159: i don't care that you don't care ---------- Solimyr: ok ---------- 3.14159: my stand is against the 3%ers like you ---------- 3.14159: you have nothing to do with it ---------- 3.14159: you are incorrigible ---------- Solimyr: so you are a kind of cop of kdice? ########## ---------- 3.14159: not a cop--a trash collector of sorts ---------- 3.14159: i point out the trash ---------- 3.14159: like you ---------- 3.14159: you are one of the rats and cockroaches we must live with... ---------- Solimyr: eheheh ---------- 3.14159: because it is impossible to get rid of you completely ---------- Solimyr: funny ---------- 3.14159: so bathe in your sewer, Soli--and revel in it ---------- Solimyr: how old are you? ########## [Note: Deflect much, Solimyr?] ---------- 3.14159: too personal, Soli--you lose ########## ---------- 3.14159: again ---------- Solimyr: ok ---------- Solimyr: just asking ---------- 3.14159: you have lost multiple times to me already--care to lose some more? ---------- Solimyr: I haven't notice that ---------- Solimyr: but ok ---------- 3.14159: i know that--this is all over your head ---------- Solimyr: so..what is the score? ---------- 3.14159: don't worry about it, Soli ---------- 3.14159: you don't care, right? ---------- Solimyr: Just curious ---------- 3.14159: your review readers will enjoy it, though ---------- 3.14159: curious? YOU? you are joking ---------- Solimyr: ok ---------- darky555 is here ---------- 3.14159: you are id, Soli ---------- 3.14159: you want what you want when you want it--like a toddler ---------- Solimyr: I can't see your bad review on me! ########## [Note: Solimyr is saying, "See how little I care about what you say--I am asking about the bad review!" If he REALLY didn't care, he would ignore me or mute me. He cares and he HATES having his bad actions pointed out.] ---------- 3.14159: in a hurry are you? ---------- 3.14159: that figures ---------- 3.14159: are you really so dense, Soli? ---------- 3.14159: you are not very clever for a Level 51 ---------- Solimyr: yeah ---------- Solimyr: You have right ---------- Solimyr: I'm not clever ---------- 3.14159: i guess backstabbing pays better than i thought ---------- Solimyr: I don't know why you think that I'am ---------- Solimyr: I have not backstabbed ---------- 3.14159: i do NOT think you are clever ---------- 3.14159: oh, you backstab, Soli ---------- 3.14159: 8 out of 10 reviews? ---------- Solimyr: this is what you think ---------- 3.14159: come on, Soli ---------- 3.14159: i am a student of reviews ---------- Solimyr: cool ---------- 3.14159: no one gets consistent reviews like that without it being true--unless you are a cop, as you put it, like me ---------- Solimyr: go to read all players review ---------- 3.14159: tired now, Soli? you want me to go? ---------- 3.14159: i win again ---------- Solimyr: no ---------- Solimyr: Please stay ########## [Note: Solimyr is saying, "I don't care about you; I prove that by asking you to stay. If he REALLY didn't care he would ignore me or mute me. He cares and he HATES having his bad actions pointed out.] ---------- 3.14159: thanks, i will ---------- 3.14159: Soli is a backstabber according to 8 out of his last 10 reviews ---------- Solimyr: but after this match I think, I must go to eat for dinner ---------- 3.14159: just sayin' ---------- 3.14159: sure, Soli, even bad Kdice players like you need to eat ---------- 3.14159: go for it ---------- Solimyr: not now ---------- Solimyr: If I lose faster I can play another one ---------- 3.14159: your backstabbing chances look good in this game, Soli ---------- Solimyr: I think I get 7 ---------- 3.14159: you ARE clever, aren't you Soli? ---------- Solimyr: I have already told you that I'm not clever ---------- 3.14159: oh, so you did ---------- Ubersmush: can you wankers pipe down ---------- LaBandica: hahaha ---------- 3.14159: backstabbing doesn't require much cleverness, i agree ---------- 3.14159: see Soli? you have some basic animal cleverness ---------- Solimyr: I'm going to bivo table ---------- 3.14159: you called it--7th placae ---------- Solimyr has left ---------- [Note: On to another table.] ---------- 3.14159: Soli, what are your backstabbing options at this table? good? ---------- 3.14159: cat got your tongue, Soli? ---------- 3.14159: i win again? ---------- Solimyr: No.....just lagging ---------- 3.14159: ah, of course ---------- Solimyr: nice ---------- 3.14159: what if you flag to teal now, Soli, and then backstab him? is that a good backstab opportunity for you? ---------- Solimyr: well..round 2 ---------- Solimyr: I can't flag ---------- 3.14159: no? you would know ---------- 3.14159: when can you flag, Soli, and when can YOU backstab? ---------- Solimyr: I can flag starting from round 3 ---------- 3.14159: i know every game is a chance to backstab for YOU, Soli, but more specifics please ---------- Solimyr: since that I will leave when I will finish this match...remember to add me to your friends ########## [Note: Silly little Solimyr. How transparent.] ---------- 3.14159: no, you are not my friend... ---------- 3.14159: you are a 3%er, Soli ---------- sundabeam: flag teal ---------- 3.14159: one of the 3% who make kdice worse for everyone ---------- empasse: k purp ---------- Solimyr: we are not friends? ---------- Solimyr: ok ---------- 3.14159: HONOR BEFORE KDICE! right Soli? ---------- 3.14159: you agree, don't you Soli? honor before kdice ---------- 3.14159: no? ---------- 3.14159: ok ---------- Solimyr: lol ---------- 3.14159: lol ---------- 3.14159: lmao ---------- joosetin: man you must have really pissed this guy off ---------- 3.14159: rofl ---------- joosetin: what happened ---------- 3.14159: pick one ---------- 3.14159: no, Soli just thought he could dismiss me and HIS behavior with insults ---------- 3.14159: but he couldn't ---------- Solimyr: he says that I backstab him.... ########## [Note: Solimyr resorts to lies that he knows are lies. Poor Solimry, this verbatim chat proves him wrong AND a liar.] ---------- Solimyr: but its not ---------- 3.14159: then he tried to play cool ---------- tomkobalaz: flag u teal ---------- 3.14159: NO, he did not backstab ME ---------- 3.14159: i never said that ---------- Solimyr: so he read my review and says that I'm a backstabber ---------- 3.14159: as you will see in your review, Soli ---------- 3.14159: 8 out of 10, soli ---------- Solimyr: this is it ---------- sundabeam: ouuuch ---------- 3.14159: what you did that i saw, soli, was be a bad 1st place player ---------- Solimyr: flag teal ---------- tomkobalaz: lol ---------- 3.14159: soli means "flag" teal ---------- empasse: k blue ---------- 3.14159: i called that earlier didn't i soli--flag to teal ---------- sundabeam: bad work green !!! you let the biggest stack behind !! ---------- Solimyr: true ---------- Solimyr: yeah ---------- Solimyr: can i take your island green? ---------- Solimyr: flag green also ---------- tomkobalaz: ok ---------- 3.14159: so, Soli is just another 3%er, another bad kdice player--nothing new or unusual about him at all ---------- 3.14159: he and his brethren will always be with us ---------- Solimyr: thx green ---------- 3.14159: are we done, Soli, or would you like to continue? ---------- Solimyr: I told you..I need to go to eat ---------- joosetin: o well ---------- 3.14159: sure, you did say that ---------- Solimyr: add me to your friends so we can continue later ########## [Note: Poor little Solimyr--so transparent.] ---------- joosetin: i guess implied flags are a thing of the past ---------- 3.14159: no, as i said, Soli, we are not friends--you are just the trash i point to and say, "Look at the trash." That is my job. ---------- 3.14159: right Soli? ---------- Solimyr: Ok but there isn't an enemy list in kdice ########## ---------- 3.14159: you are NOT my enemy ---------- Solimyr: so this is the only way to be in touch ---------- 3.14159: i don't care about YOU--i care about the 97% ---------- 3.14159: we in the 97% like to be reminded that you 3%ers don't always have it your own way ---------- 3.14159: that is all ---------- Solimyr: red...what about a rolloff? ---------- 3.14159: soli likes shortcuts to avoid playing the game ---------- Solimyr: I have to go to eat ---------- 3.14159: if soli were in green's position, he would just start killing guys off ---------- Solimyr: 10 points ---------- Solimyr: lol ---------- tomkobalaz: gg ---------- 3.14159: you play for points? lol ---------- Solimyr: bye all ---------- 3.14159: silly Soli ---------- empasse: gg
3.14159 on Sunday February 26, 2012
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