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feel you man, i tried my best to keep open your time window :(
Greenhorn91 on Thursday August 20, 2015
chiefKeef on Sunday July 26, 2015
This guy stabbed me out of no where for no reason other than he thought it was a spot he could get away with it. Not cool at 2k. Yes, sometimes I act like a jerk in chat and have it come - but I don't complain about those. This was not the case here. Stabber.
benjamin barker on Saturday July 25, 2015
Stabbed benjamin barker on a 2k table for 3rd place in a 6-man game. Silly newbie, get him off the high tables whenever you see him.
Scammer on Saturday July 25, 2015
Super cool guy. He let me bang his sister.
EddyB on Friday July 17, 2015
Idiot. He doesn't respect others.
arkenkor on Wednesday July 15, 2015
stabing guy
Rafkrik on Tuesday March 26, 2013
PGA with @guest346
sergio2 on Saturday March 23, 2013
ignores flags, do not trust
Tim Timmothson on Saturday March 2, 2013
fair player
nW0 on Thursday February 28, 2013
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