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Attacked me, even though I had my flag raised AND had announced that in the chat!
hull on Sunday November 1, 2009
Calls people a "noob asshole" when they tell him that a truce goes before a flag. I wouldn't recommend trucing this guy if that's what he thinks.
johanes on Wednesday September 23, 2009
Fair player, a good guy to have your back in a game.
Rowen on Tuesday September 22, 2009
Fair player.
rompeculos on Sunday September 20, 2009
LostLove on Monday September 14, 2009
A super great player, very friendly. I thought it was refreshing that he openly admitted to his homosexuality. Although some would frown apon it, he openly discussed his activities and I think really shed a light on the homosexual crowd many people didn't know. I salute you for your braveness and honesty with yourself and us here at Kdice.
Vasha9276 on Wednesday August 5, 2009
Confirmed PGA with freddf
Hobyandy on Sunday July 26, 2009
hell of a dumbass, 32? never - lol
beepa on Monday July 20, 2009
Ignores flags.
TheBetterYodel on Wednesday July 15, 2009
Does not respect flags and is not fair... hope u learn to respect flags in future
Johnny Vez on Sunday July 5, 2009
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