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i like that player.
ur_angel on Tuesday September 11, 2012
BackStabber.. Do not TRUST,...
Calvin Watson on Saturday June 9, 2012
Nice to play with him, good player! :)
Emaldo on Friday April 15, 2011
Dude, that's just making bullshit up now. Not even close.
Kickupdude on Tuesday April 5, 2011
jacklovesnat and Kickupdude are PGA, kill on sight, check their stats, they are at the same table the last 10 games, always 1st and 2nd...
CP03 on Monday March 21, 2011
pga and pizza the hutt!
bivo on Monday February 28, 2011
fun game
thebayou on Monday February 28, 2011
Thinks the United States is still governed by Great Britian. Needs a history lesson especially focused on WW2. Is also a faggot and likes to suck dick, and no I wont suck yours no matter how many times you ask. Has no friends, sorry :(
AmericanMoose723 on Saturday February 13, 2010
Dear Kickupdude, when there are 3 players and 2 of them are equal. You can ask the weakest to be cool, what makes you winer (1st), but it's to weak, because you have nothing to offer. When I flag immediately you have to respect it and so the weakest is done (3rd). Moreover you immediately attacked him twice, until he didn't flagged. You can't wonder I have no respect to stinky slippery ass like your's.
3lefant on Tuesday February 2, 2010
Ignore faebunny below. All Kickupdude did was point out faebunny's tactical error then proceed to beat him fairly.
fool_on_the_hill on Thursday January 21, 2010
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