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dickhead player kil himmm1!!!!1!!1!
gunboy on Sunday December 8, 2013
Waits and then attacks when the other player is battling others. This ain't so bad, but he won't give you the kill afterwards if you manage to defeat him against all odds. Nothing honourable with this player.
Gul Sno on Sunday December 8, 2013
Backstabber read his reviews
Deovolt001 on Monday September 23, 2013
Backstabbing cunt!!!!!!!!!
dragonfly500 on Wednesday November 7, 2012
PGA with Dragofonz, never flag him, dont trust!!
voodooer on Sunday October 28, 2012
Dreckiger Hurensohn !!!!
elHuron on Thursday October 11, 2012
Great Player! (Sorry I meant to put that on slmald, and Good player on yours. Really sorry!)
dislexable on Saturday August 18, 2012
Might be a good player SOMETIMES, but in my game, without any explanations, any reasons ognored flags. i would use caution when at the same table with him
Norxxy on Saturday July 21, 2012
played a good game and honoured his flag
calls calls on Thursday May 17, 2012
asshole noob gay player who only ruin your game
Matyi Somogyi on Sunday January 22, 2012
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