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does not respect flags, very rude
TheJackalOfDoom on Saturday November 28, 2009
good trustworthy player.. I will always trust ur vflag or flag of any kind xD
Loobee on Tuesday September 29, 2009
did good tournaments and learned a lot in short membership TY guys
Siggi030 on Saturday September 5, 2009
bad player; cries a lot.
luckster on Saturday August 29, 2009
talbotlives you didnt eccept my flag attack me after i flag to you then an other player flag to you as 2nd and you still attack him and now you cry that you lose that game aganst me???
faddel on Thursday August 27, 2009
flagged to me, then backstabbed completely. worst kind of player
talbotlives on Thursday August 27, 2009
of corse why you didnt eccept my flag a game before i hunting bad players
faddel on Wednesday August 26, 2009
Unlike what is posted on your wall, you're not a fair player, I flagged to you and someone flagged to me, I waited for that someone to flag out, but you just killed me for the dom...
ReaperShade on Saturday August 15, 2009
bad player big asshole
viana on Wednesday July 15, 2009
doesn't respect flags.
Thunder 400 on Monday July 6, 2009
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