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restored +chat +play integral 7:37 PM, Saturday January 3, 2015 EST
as below. -chat Marice 3:09 AM, Saturday November 9, 2013 EST
writing during sketches, insulting other players and just being a pain in the neck. -play Marice 3:08 AM, Saturday November 9, 2013 EST

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dumb player
greeen on Friday August 28, 2015
solid douche. kill on sight.
microwavedh2o on Sunday June 28, 2015
Trash talker. Afraid to sit.
Drucifer85 on Wednesday June 10, 2015
who the fuck is gorgi?
I need reviews on Friday May 15, 2015
I'm guessing by the way he acts, and talks in the chat box he is around the age of 13-18. He is very emotional when he doesn't get his way or win. He throws tantrums like a small child anytime you kill him, which will be often due to his lack of game skill, and then follow you around room to room spamming the chat box with thought provoking comments such as "Do you have a cunt?" and "You're confused." He also has some deep rooted homosexual tendencies that come out quite often while he is going nuts over getting owned in-game. I believe his mother or father (doubt he's still in the picture with how feminine he acts) should take away his computer and/or laptop for a week and ground him for his behavior. Kids gonna be kids I guess. Beware.
Dick Tucker on Tuesday May 12, 2015
needs to get laid
fuzzymcfuzz on Thursday May 7, 2015
definite douche
spiritshaper on Monday May 4, 2015
you talk ALOT! :)
LENANEL on Friday January 23, 2015
This is the entirety of my message on greeen's page: 'This player will alliance with Torquay and laughjoeylaugh.' Here is her respone (which I copy because I expect her to delete). Judge yourself. DoobiusMalcor is an idiot, who seems like he wants to befriend you but stabs you in the back like a sharp knife. Don't ever trust this person and don't even be his friend if he was the last person on earth. A big snitch talking to players and in return gives you a distasteful review if the terms and conditions doesn't meet up to his expectations. Once you are on my shit list, you will forever stay there. I don't care if I don't know you in real life, you may be different but at the end of the day..the way you perceive yourself on kdice through the chatting box is disgusting. I wouldn't want to be friends with some one like you. You're a big bully, only getting laughs virtually through the realms of the internet world, picking on people 10-20 years younger than you. You may think you're high and mighty, and have the upper hand with people in the Y generation but you're just a fool with no character. If you're like this in real life, you'll make a lot of enemies. That's probably why the law is slapping you on the wrist. Good luck with life and treat people with respect.
DoobiusMalcor on Monday January 12, 2015
ja cu ti jebat majku na moj naci total idiot dont respect flag and pga moron!
bivo on Wednesday June 26, 2013
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