Team play module
DoubleDogDareYa wrote
at 1:26 PM, Sunday January 20, 2008 EST
After playing this addicting game for a while, I would like to compliment Ryan with such an awesome game that happens to be free! It amazes me of the arrogance of some players out there who sometimes forget this. Anyway, my idea stems from the inevitable accusations that arise every day about truces, alliances, pgas and the heated discussions that follow. I will have to say that for lack of a better term, the favoritism that naturally occurs once players become familiar with one another is inevitable. To satisfy this inherent game flaw for experienced players, Kdice should have an area where teams can play one another. Of course, the number of players would have to be even(2v2 or 3v3)for teams to work.

For the newbie, individual play is a great way to learn strategy. However, for experienced players, this game is frustraing to say the least if your are not running with "the in crowd". The arrogance and self- serving immature bullying that occurs at the higher level tables is rediculous. It's as if some players believe that they are gods. It's absolutely astonishing the control that takes place in some rooms. So anyway, to prevent this behavior from causing dissent among honest, non-allied players, team play would be awesome. This would take Kdice to a new level. Kdice could becaome an awesome team play event that would squash all the talk about pgas.

So Ryan, I know that the programming might take some time. But I would pay for this game on a monthly basis if this feature was enabled.

Anyway, just food for thought.

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bob911 wrote
at 1:53 PM, Sunday January 20, 2008 EST
I don't necessarily agree with you on kdice players being arrogant, nonetheless the idea of team play is a great idea, it would make kdice even more addicting. Maybe you should one section that is individual play that is separate from team play.
Ryan wrote
at 2:27 PM, Sunday January 20, 2008 EST
good idea... ive been working towards this.
Schorpie wrote
at 3:31 PM, Sunday January 20, 2008 EST
i like the idea
phidan wrote
at 10:15 PM, Sunday January 20, 2008 EST
that would be sweet, and plus my team would win so...we should definitely do this

We could even have an elimination style tournament
Ryan wrote
at 9:26 PM, Thursday August 7, 2008 EDT
So maybe this should be talked about a bit more.

What I've come up with so far is:

- teams can be created with a max of 15 or 20 players
- teams must be founded by 3 members. if a member quits the team the team is on hold until another founding member is accepted (to reduce the number of teams)
- there will be a team leaderboard on a parent site
- teams will span the games (xsketch/kdice/gpokr)
- the highest ranked teams will have high scores in all games.
- teams will have flags that will appear next to the team players at the table
- there will be a limit of 2 or 3 team members sitting together

Thats it so far. Thoughts?
unlucky9999 wrote
at 9:35 PM, Thursday August 7, 2008 EDT
Sounds great
potato27 wrote
at 11:03 PM, Thursday August 7, 2008 EDT
pityu wrote
at 4:46 AM, Wednesday January 7, 2009 EST
Great idea. Wanted to post the same one, but now i see that it is done already. Make it possible to join spontan team-games. I think a 2v2 game would be good for example :)
NightEternal wrote
at 12:34 PM, Wednesday January 7, 2009 EST
"We could even have an elimination style tournament"

Yes. If your team loses, you're banned from kdice forever.
greenoaks wrote
at 7:07 PM, Wednesday January 7, 2009 EST
so a members only tournament
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