Request for removal of racist review by Lord Death
Prince Of Persia wrote
at 11:38 AM, Thursday April 25, 2024 EDT
On my review page, it says this racist review. Please remove this review.

Muslims have done over 48,000 terrorist attacks globally in the past 40 years. You are an evil people. Before you tell others to love you, remember that we don't like you because of the evil your kind does. If you want people to like you, stop doing fucking evil. Lying murderous bastards
Lord Death

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gnice37 wrote
at 7:35 PM, Thursday April 25, 2024 EDT
easiest way is to have lord death put a different review. not sure he will do that but i can ask him if/when i see him...when i have the next meeting w/ Ryan, i can ask if he can remove it also
Prince Of Persia wrote
at 10:31 AM, Friday April 26, 2024 EDT
Thank you.
Lord Death wrote
at 2:03 PM, Tuesday May 7, 2024 EDT
I will absolutely not remove it. I am not obligated to treat you kindly. Maybe if you don't like people calling you out, you shouldn't support murderers.
Lord Death wrote
at 2:05 PM, Tuesday May 7, 2024 EDT
Also, I bore my ban, that you caused through deception. You are a bad person and a bad player. It's a joke that you're unwilling to accept a "post you don't like". Grow up, you lying child.
fiero600 wrote
at 3:02 PM, Tuesday May 7, 2024 EDT
LD... maybe a casual online dice game isn't the place to express these views...

Telling this individual player that you don't like him is ok. I don't think this is the appropriate forum for expressing that you think his entire religion is "evil lying murderous bastards"

Ya know?
Lord Death wrote
at 4:03 PM, Tuesday May 7, 2024 EDT
I expressed it on his page, and in a game with him - he's the one bringing these things to the forums, not me. I agree that the forum should be chill. But i'm not going to sit here and be silent, either. He silent PGE'd me and won in the tourney. That should have been the end of it. But he has to be a petulant little boy and continue his tantrum even after my unjustified, and poorly handled ban.
It is a casual dice game that many of us have been playing for decades. Nobody cares. People say far worse, far more often. I have, you have, we all have. Furthermore, I spoke facts that are based on his doctrine.
I'm not the one continuing to bring this up, but i'm also not going to sit here and ignore it.
Louis Cypher wrote
at 3:00 AM, Wednesday May 8, 2024 EDT
There is a major difference between an outburst of rage during a game that might result in verbal abuses, insults and worse on the one hand and a written review on the other hand, on which one insists to keep it that way.

The game ends and unless somebody quotes the words the crap is gone with the replay after a short while. Reviews can be seen after years (back to 2006 I think). Fortunately reviews, that can also be written hot blooded, can be changed.

Given the content, there is no religion I knew of that does not have its fanatics and a long list of crimes and bad activities done in the name of that religion. Probably nobody has a problem to list those activities for Christians, Jews or Muslims. I lack knowledge about Hinduism or Buddhism, but I am certain there are examples. Nobody really is in a position to throw a brick here. But, there is also good and positive things that can be seen with religions. It is never right to judge a community by the few radicals and fanatics.

Regarding your comment - 48.000 sounds a lot (I cannot check the number). That is roughly 1.200 per year or 3-4 per day. Shocking indeed. However, how many Muslim are there (I don't know)? Without any crisp number you can clearly say, the vast majority is not actively involved in this. There is no evidence given that you have an active terrorist here. Again, why judge millions by the few idiots contained in that group (no insult to any religion, read above, we all got that kind with us).

Last aspect: Muslims are not a people or a race. They are a religious community. You can change your religion and your people, you cannot change your biological race. If you were doing evil things you could do the same shit belonging to a different religion within limited time.

All that said, I'd like to see the review changed in a way that might express your dislike of that player (all fine with that from my side, we don't all have to like each other). However, there should be no generalization to an entire group (religion, gender, race, nationality, ...) included.
Lord Death wrote
at 10:14 AM, Friday May 10, 2024 EDT
Cypher, I appreciate your concerns, and I hear them, however, I'm not removing my statement. I can offer to remove my opinion, but i'm not removing the statistics. Again, people make comments all the time. He is just the one that complains about it, to support his cause. Just like you putting Muslims in line with Christians in terms of violent acts. It's just a strategy.

Here is the list of Islamic terrorist attacks
From 1979 to 2021 there were at least 48,035 attacks. You can look each one up individually if you like.

Also, according to the global terrorism index, last year alone there were 1,210 terrorism deaths in israel caused by Hamas and the Islamic State. There were less than 48 (not sure the exact number, as it's somewhere below the minimum of 48) in Palestine. Stating facts is not wrong. But defending murderers is.

From 2020 through today, Hamas, JNIM, Al-Shabaab, and the Islamic state were responsible for 80% of all terrorist attacks. All other groups - and I mean ALL, literally all other attacks regardless of religion or motive - combined, account for the other 20%. People keep using Christianity as a scapegoat for the bad actions of the Islamic state, but it's not even remotely comparable, and in a game of statistics, bad statistics are frustrating
at 9:26 AM, Saturday May 11, 2024 EDT
y'all really think that guy is from persia? ;D
Prince Of Persia wrote
at 1:33 PM, Tuesday May 21, 2024 EDT
Lord Death doesn't delete his review. Instead, he doubles down on his Anti-Muslim hate speech on this thread.
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