Promise to Generalstab
Louis Cypher wrote
at 7:27 AM, Tuesday December 20, 2022 EST
The Status:
You are right that I crossed several lines in my comments to you long time ago. I am quite certain you did your fair share to heat up that situation, but that is no excuse. I should have received punishment for that. I didn't - as no mod was around. I apologize for my words. I totally agree that reaction of pge-ing me for some time was a possible response.

This has been going on for roughly 10 months now. In addition you are using hate speech towards me any given occasion.

That is clearly beyond any limit. This game has very few rules:
General Rules:
3. Do not use hate language or avatars
Game Rules:
1: Game-to-game favors or alliances are not allowed

You lost your ability to change avatars for violating General Rule 3 as far as I can tell.
PGE is a game to game favor with a negative sign. So clearly you are breaking Game Rule 1 for months now and General Rule 3 in about any line you spend towards me.

The Promise:
I am not going to take this any more. One more incidence of pge-ing me, one more cold blooded hate-comment and I will give it my best shot to have your ability to play removed at least for a while.

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greeen wrote
at 10:18 PM, Saturday December 24, 2022 EST

I don't think a player should be banned. About the hate comment speech, okay that is going beyond its length if it offends you. This game isn't fair, and I have president to back me up on this but lately idgaf with the guys who just play behind one another. Most say I'm being emotional or whatever, but I am not sorry that if I do know of you I value you like you're in my real life but yeah I know there are assholes here and they can fuck off. lol
don't worry about stab Louis, he can say all he wants, just know yourself and you are better. Have a good day. Laters
greeen wrote
at 5:23 AM, Sunday December 25, 2022 EST
Caesar wrote
at 3:44 AM, Tuesday December 27, 2022 EST
merry christmas louis
Louis Cypher wrote
at 5:36 AM, Friday February 24, 2023 EST
Comment by Generalstab:
Generalstab: He is nazi german
Louis Cypher:
greeen: not nice to say
Louis Cypher: you had been warend.
Louis Cypher: game over Generalstab.
Louis Cypher: I am by no way taking that kind of comment.
Generalstab: Lol
Louis Cypher: you apologize now and clearly or create a new account.
greeen: i can give screnshot to greg louis
greeen: on this
greeen: i mean relay
greeen: replay

I think that is sufficient.
Generalstab wrote
at 5:38 AM, Friday February 24, 2023 EST
gtzlat wrote
at 4:05 PM, Friday February 24, 2023 EST
nice of you to post your own proxy gameplay

Generalstab = URRAA = Aleksa_bre

3 accounts, same retard, should be banned for hate speech and proxying
gnice37 wrote
at 7:30 PM, Friday February 24, 2023 EST
Louis Cypher and Generalstab...this all seems a bit childish to me. I mod for gpokr and am trying to help out while you do not have a current mod that is more available. Why dont you both start with a clean slate. If you both cant get along, i suggest you both not speak to each other. I do not tolerate hate speech. If i see anymore examples from either of you, I will permanently mute both of you. Remember this is just a game.
Aleksa_bre wrote
at 11:26 PM, Friday February 24, 2023 EST
@ gtzlat You should be a Mod here, bc it looks you knows everything here. But with cheating you (or your main account)are one that mades players gone frome here. There is no more reason for some to play with proxy guys like you. It takes the fun of game. Becouse you are so good, you didnt got my alt what some of my friends knows. Last one, should you again speak in hate or national motivated (also like in serbo-croatian) like you did before, you will be banned immediatly. See ya with all your proxies, alts or whatever you have. I know you are one of the top players.
Louis Cypher wrote
at 5:35 AM, Monday February 27, 2023 EST
I totally agree that his is most childish. However, denied real flags, going out of the way for pge-reasons (after more than 1 year) and so on, I am sick of it. I have accepted flags from generalstab, I have given kills to that player, I have treated him like any other active player - with the result of being confronted by plain hate any given occasion. This starts with the slight modification of writing "Gg" rather than "gg" after I have been killed but doesn't stop there at all...

Thank you for observing this.

I will try to confirm to your proposal of not addressing the person any more. I will post future occasions of pge-dom of this guy though, as it is clearly against Gamerule 1 and cannot be excused with "outburst of anger" (something I can fully understand, I'll never complain about a couple of games in revenge) after more than a year.
gnice37 wrote
at 10:03 PM, Monday February 27, 2023 EST
Thx Louis Cyper...i appreciate it. As i said before i am a gpokr mod and dont know all the rules or alt accts of players here. Trying to help out w/ keeping the site running and keeping the peace. Hopefully we can get a mod here soon that has more experience w/ kdice.
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