IQ at it again?
Louis Cypher wrote
at 4:41 AM, Friday November 4, 2022 EDT
There is rumor that IQ is back breaking tourneys and proxying heavily, often using accounts created a while back.

I suggest that we report suspicious accounts and incidents (replays) here, to give mods a starting point if they show up.

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Louis Cypher wrote
at 5:35 AM, Friday November 4, 2022 EDT
One suspicious aspect might be that we have a very large load of accounts that were created, have never played a game, no avatar, no nothing...

All of these are in the rand of player-id 45311290 to 45311310 (I haven't bothered to look any further). There are a few exceptions within these 20 accounts e.g. the 2 new fake-bot accounts.

Just look at the profiles and change the number in the URL if you are interested:
Pashaa wrote
at 11:38 AM, Friday November 4, 2022 EDT
Pashaa wrote
at 1:27 PM, Friday November 4, 2022 EDT
Pashaa wrote
at 1:33 PM, Friday November 4, 2022 EDT
these are the players who are PROXY,

"AIBOTPlayer" 2 and "rrff"

sorry i copied the link by mistake

block them urgently

Pashaa wrote
at 6:46 AM, Saturday November 5, 2022 EDT
please block these players, wwxx and tmpd PROXY, there is a character that is proof
Louis Cypher wrote
at 2:24 AM, Monday November 7, 2022 EST

(1)Reporting in one threat (this) is sufficient. Don't spam the entire forum with the same link.

(2) There should be most obvious indications of proxying. A random, one time good cooperation between two accounts might be a silent truce as well. PGA is another alternative to proxying (though also worth banning).

In conclusion, one game is hardly enough to decide. Cooperation should be most blatant. If we had somebody with mod-powers caring, I am certain currently nobody is willing to spend the time and energy Jurgen invested in the past.
Aleksa_bre wrote
at 1:33 AM, Wednesday November 23, 2022 EST

Pasha - Play game over (pasha needs 3 to stay)
just look
Louis Cypher wrote
at 6:33 AM, Wednesday November 23, 2022 EST
Well, he did announce 4th but red proceeded to kill green quite quickly. Frankly, who would not have used that chance to sneak to 3rd... Looking at this single game, you could also discuss why red waited so long to go for green or why yellow didn't kill purple. It is something to memorize, but I wouldn't consider it sufficient evidence ..... yet.
Generalstab wrote
at 7:27 AM, Wednesday November 23, 2022 EST
Watched that Accounts some times at 2K
Generalstab wrote
at 7:28 AM, Wednesday November 23, 2022 EST
Same shit with me
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