Help Wanted: Get paid to play KDICE!! $50+/hr!
Veta wrote
at 1:21 AM, Sunday February 14, 2021 EST
Hi, I have a research project for enterprising dice rollers. Please send me a message if you're interested. I will be paying rates of $50+/hr.

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Veta wrote
at 1:22 AM, Sunday February 14, 2021 EST
Send an email to [email protected] with your k-credentials and I will review and schedule an interview with you.
Aleksa_bre wrote
at 1:50 AM, Sunday February 14, 2021 EST
Nice topic to put all new reviews of Twinky-Veta coalition here.

Veta wrote
at 1:56 AM, Sunday February 14, 2021 EST
Aleksa_bre, why would you say that?
Hello, just a warning Aleksa_bre do not to ally with cheating bivo. I will give you the benefit of the doubt but you will be monitored and any pga with bivo will mean you get banned.
jurgen on Sunday February 23, 2020
Aleksa_bre wrote
at 2:30 AM, Sunday February 14, 2021 EST
Becouse at this time exist a player names Panzer Red who was Panzer Red with his coalition like u have here and it was a war against his coalition and bivo´s. I had a long break with playing kdice i i known bivo from before. So after this long break Bivo told me that Panzer and other do that what you and twinky do now. Bivo asked me to join him to fight them (not other players what he did also did and i saw by the way). So i accepted to join him just against Panzer...becouse i also saw what Panzer did to others and also to me. Panzer made copied the link of the play i say that and Jurgen warned me to join Bivo. I never done this so i also was never banned. Is that story from my view ok for you? At the other siede your reputation is much more heavier.

P.S: I really dont care to go 1,2,3...u can have this...i sayed the same to Mulder,Jungen...or to one of his 1000 acoounts. Take it...but here are some players who love this game to play and try best to reach without cheating. So like you saw...many of them become angry when they saw how u was playing. They, or we dont care is the name of PGA Twinky,Veta, Bivo,Jungen or whatever. So...go the way u like
imanema wrote
at 4:34 PM, Sunday February 14, 2021 EST
I am in, but I want at least $200/hour :)
Louis Cypher wrote
at 3:08 AM, Monday February 15, 2021 EST
So - is that your real name then?
The idea is nice and I had the idea that kdice was a scientific experiment after all (social studies). However, this might also be an attempt to get real names of other players, as they need to give that data for an interview. On the other hand, I have heard rumors protection on this side is not that awesome, so there might be other ways to get those if you really cared.

Just my 0,02 â?¬. Do not count me in, I got a job.
Veta wrote
at 1:02 PM, Monday February 15, 2021 EST
Real names not required of course. Just user names.
imanema wrote
at 7:50 PM, Monday February 15, 2021 EST
pay with BitCoin?
Pol P0t wrote
at 4:30 PM, Wednesday February 17, 2021 EST
Veta is still alive
greekboi wrote
at 4:56 PM, Sunday March 14, 2021 EDT
Sup all
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