Thank you
Louis Cypher wrote
at 7:14 AM, Tuesday February 18, 2020 EST
I just want to use this to express my gratitude to Jurgen and integral for dropping by occasionally and taking out some of the dirt.

It is a pity nobody can do more, still it is kind to spend the time.

Thank you.

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jurgen wrote
at 9:24 AM, Tuesday February 18, 2020 EST
No problem,

And sorry this is the best I can do from time to time. I can't put in the effort any longer to do this more often as it is frustrating to see that the tools to fight these tards aren't effective enough to deal with it for good.

Banning every single alt doesn't seem to have an effect on their motivation to make new ones. These guys are just as mentally ill as Shannon back in the days. So I'm hoping that consistently banning their alts that make it to 5k or 10k will have enough effect.
Monsanto wrote
at 7:46 AM, Friday February 21, 2020 EST
Caesar wrote
at 7:53 PM, Friday February 21, 2020 EST
yea much better now, thanks you two
Giana wrote
at 4:42 PM, Sunday February 23, 2020 EST
Thanks a lot
jurgen wrote
at 5:44 PM, Sunday February 23, 2020 EST
advisorlog is looking like an alt graveyard lol
PanzerRed wrote
at 4:31 AM, Monday February 24, 2020 EST
Jurgen, I see that you banned barry and his alts, but maybe you should give him a break. Sometimes people sign up for tourneys or play 500 tables with an alt just so that there are enough people to get the game/tourney started (because tourneys require at least 3 accounts to start).

If you look at the tourney where 2 of barry's accounts played (out of a total 3 accounts in the tourney), one barry account only played 2 games.

Considering how it's so easy to win a 2v1, I'm going to assume that barry let one alt lag out the first 2 games and then played a fair one-on-one tourney with Monsanto. I don't know if that's what happened, but Monsanto can tell you if that's the case.

I've never seen barry P.G.A. and he doesn't hide his alts (i.e. garry bateuax is obviously barry gateaux).

He's a long-time player and he helps fight the proxies. Maybe show some mercy or just ban all of his accounts except for one.
jurgen wrote
at 4:48 AM, Monday February 24, 2020 EST
Well I've found a 2nd case and I'm not too fond of the idea of bending the rules on that rule.

The ban will only last for just a few days, given the track record of Barry. But I still want it to be clear that I don't like the idea of entering multiple accounts in 1 tournament.

Also let the records show that I've permabanned accounts in the past for sharing or proxying.
jurgen wrote
at 4:54 AM, Monday February 24, 2020 EST
update: found another alt and now it's even more frequently happening

not too happy
Louis Cypher wrote
at 9:11 AM, Monday February 24, 2020 EST
Exceptions on a personal base are never a good idea as it does somehow falsify the neutrality of the judge. Rules ought to be valid for all.
jurgen wrote
at 9:37 AM, Monday February 24, 2020 EST
That's the long and vague way to say "I agree with Jurgen"
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