Need for ACTIVE admins/mods
AoA wrote
at 11:48 AM, Saturday November 9, 2019 EST
We need more active admins/moderators to be able ban people like City Fighter who openly ruin the game by making multiple proxy accounts and openly admitting it.

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JamesEnsor wrote
at 10:16 PM, Sunday November 10, 2019 EST
I'll do it
trism wrote
at 12:06 PM, Monday November 11, 2019 EST
KDice seems more ... peaceful today! Thank you Ensor!
integral wrote
at 12:07 PM, Monday November 11, 2019 EST
yeah thanks ensor!
Louis Cypher wrote
at 4:56 AM, Wednesday November 13, 2019 EST
OMG, the game is totally hacked....

There is no Mod named Ensor, just integral, jurgen, Pursey and skrumgaer... Where do we end up when arbitrary accounts gain such powers? This time it seems to have been for the best, but imagine the dark side getting there! GASP!!!

;-)) Next time don't post this with an alt to keep my pulse down ;-))
jaja wrote
at 9:46 AM, Wednesday November 13, 2019 EST
Need for BAN BaNat
JamesEnsor wrote
at 8:47 PM, Thursday November 21, 2019 EST
So what do I need to do to become a mod?
rushwing wrote
at 5:27 PM, Monday December 2, 2019 EST
Make some new mods who can deal with these proxies, or shut down the site. This is pathetic.

JamesEnsor volunteered. Ill do it too. Find others. It's out of hand.
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