The problem with this game
ShaPhi7 wrote
at 5:38 AM, Monday April 15, 2013 EDT
People need to learn that unless I've said I'll be in a truce with them, they shouldn't be too surprised when I do attack them.
People need to learn that if I don't attack a particular colour for 5 rounds of a game, I'm using tactics, not a pga. etc etc.

Further they need to learn that attacking me with their stacks of 8 might work better than attacking me with swearing. You're rolling dice on the internet, it's hardly the be all and end all of life (I can see an inevitable witty comment here about how nobody here actually has a life...)

I could go on and on...I could go on about how long it is since I saw 2 kdice players actually having a laugh with each other, never mind with me as one of them, but I guess what I'm really saying, is that the atmosphere is crap here compared to other games (and I've played enough to be sure I can compare it).

Well, it's crap enough to drive me away at least and although lots of people won't care about the atmosphere, I seriously doubt I'm the only new-ish player driven away.

Thanks for reading all that,

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jurgen wrote
at 6:38 AM, Monday April 15, 2013 EDT
Don't forget to add that people need to learn that only 2% of the KDice players read this forum
Louis Cypher wrote
at 10:15 AM, Monday April 15, 2013 EDT
While maybe I could agree to some of the points, unless you are using an alt here, you are pretty quick on judging. Any society - and the people playing this game for a long time may be considered a society (I hate being in a group with most of the regulars though, but that won't help me, I'm afraid) - has some unwritten rules that are followed most of the time. It is not the written part that makes a group a group - saying these are not valid will not make you accepted.

BTW, i did have nice chatting here though I am an extraordinary sore loser getting well out of line when being pissed. However, I don't mind others doing the same, as virtual verbal violence (love that alliteration) is much better than real world shit.

So I think the game ain't as bad as you claim and of course it is WAY better than my luck ;-)
Tony Snow wrote
at 10:27 AM, Monday April 15, 2013 EDT
wow louis another smart and informative post on the state of kdice society (ksociety?) that we've all been looking forward to. i don't know where we'd be without your multiple daily posts on the outlook of the future of kdice, or how the kdice community views common flagging conceptions. your posts are extremely valuable and everyone i know on kdice likes you and the things you say. thanks again, louis.
Lady Lite wrote
at 4:04 PM, Monday April 15, 2013 EDT
war game + chatbox + no face to face contact = insulting, whining, accusing, swearing, hating, judging in a lot of cases

if you can't put things in perspective or see the humour of it, you will never enjoy the game and leave anyway
at 7:39 PM, Monday April 15, 2013 EDT
KDice has been dying since 2008....or so I'm told.
ehervey wrote
at 1:44 AM, Tuesday April 16, 2013 EDT
But happily Johan is here to revive the site.
Louis Cypher wrote
at 3:09 AM, Tuesday April 16, 2013 EDT
Thank you for your nice post Tony, you really try to add content. Since you do seem to have problems with me and my postings, I suggest you just don't read them any more. This is a very simple solution that could make you a bit more happy. You are welcome.

Other than that, LL has it covered very well.
Zuma wrote
at 8:08 AM, Tuesday April 16, 2013 EDT
kill chat. nuff sad
SvenofConstan wrote
at 8:32 PM, Tuesday April 16, 2013 EDT
People have very whiny entitlement issues on this website. No one thinks of it as just a game and to take things as they come. Personally I find the chat to be more of a hindrance to the game and less of an aid.
ShaPhi7 wrote
at 6:16 AM, Sunday March 28, 2021 EDT
memories lol. tbf the game did well to last as long as it did.
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