Mod Nominations at Ryan's Request
at 9:50 PM, Sunday June 6, 2010 EDT
I'd like the following players to sound off on their desire, or lack of desire, to become a moderator. Some of the people I'm about to list may not be very active these days, but I'm extending the offer anyways:


These are players I know well and would trust them to be fair and unbiased. They are worthy of an opportunity to moderate this community in my humble opinion. Ryan has requested a list of people to recommend as mods and this is my list.

Anyone mentioned above that would like to help moderate this site should respond to this thread immediately. I don't always have a window of opportunity to make changes around here, so let's act quickly. If you don't wish to take on the responsibilities of a moderator, or you don't feel you have the time or temperment for the position, respectfully decline.



p.s. I'm not looking for additions or subtractions to this list, nor am I looking for judgements on my list from the community. I'm just looking for the opinion of the people on my list.

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Kate Gregson wrote
at 9:58 PM, Sunday June 6, 2010 EDT
DoubleDogDareYa wrote
at 10:10 PM, Sunday June 6, 2010 EDT
MadHat_Sam <--- Fox in the hen house - OMFG
Bone-Roller <---- Good Choice
masterDD <---- Could have potential
Shevar <---- Could have potential
Myriad <---- Not sure
Loobee <----- Not Sure
Rowdyazell <----- Busy with family, but good choice
Mikeypoo wrote
at 11:39 PM, Sunday June 6, 2010 EDT
Shevar wrote
at 2:08 AM, Monday June 7, 2010 EDT
I'm in.

Considering that BR and DD are currently not active at all, the list is too short. Mr Kreuzfeld would be a good mod imo. He knows the game very well and he is from the euro time-zone which is scarcely manned.
the reaI nix wrote
at 4:44 AM, Monday June 7, 2010 EDT
Loobee is way too nice to be a mod.

I vote for Sam, Rowdy and Shev.
moondust wrote
at 6:52 AM, Monday June 7, 2010 EDT
Category (1):
-Bone-Roller (good choice, but he has virtually retired)
-masterDD (WOuld love to see him as a mod, since we would finally get bans on a daily basis. But I think he quit a long time ago)
-Rowdyazell (good choice, but he's not very much around)

Category (2):
-Loobee (is too nice to be a mod, I doubt that she would ban anyone)
-Myriad (might be a good choice for lower tables, but I also think that he's too nice to be a mod)

Category (3)
-MadHat_Sam (He certainly knows the game like no one else, but I doubt that he cares enough to be a mod. In the past, he often complained that people cry too much about PGAs, so I don't think that he's very eager to catch PGAs)
-Shevar (Like Sam, he's also one of the best players who know a lot about the game, but at the same time, he gets annoyed by pretty much everything and everybody for whatever reasons. I also doubt that he would actively try to catch PGAs. AND: fiero would definitely suffer if shev became a mod)

I know you didn't ask for additions, but

the full monte

would make excellent mods!
yellowfin wrote
at 7:59 AM, Monday June 7, 2010 EDT

Spice it up a bit
the full monte wrote
at 8:00 AM, Monday June 7, 2010 EDT
guys, thrax is looking for the opinion OF the people on his list, not opinion ON them. i.e. he doesnt have their email accts, and has put out a forum post to get their attention. if you see them at the tables, tell them to reply in forums asap.

btw, wtf you unbanning my wife for, she needs to get back in the kitchen!
the full moon wrote
at 8:13 AM, Monday June 7, 2010 EDT
Who cares?
the full moon wrote
at 8:13 AM, Monday June 7, 2010 EDT
(was not a response to the wife post)
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