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Recognized on 9:08 AM, Thursday May 15, 2008 EDT by -=|Voorsie|=-
Thanks for helping creating the Dutch word list!

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xMetrickZ on Sunday September 10, 2017
never seen such a bad player. fucks around where he can.
raphi800 on Friday September 8, 2017
already 1st - and killing others so he can help "friends" or be a "big man" - not a nice player!
Terkal on Tuesday September 15, 2015
very good player, fair, and awesome guy! :)
Lalita Lani on Tuesday December 17, 2013
honorable player
Wayne_Kerr on Sunday January 15, 2012
flips out when others click the flag button and dont know why it would override a verbal flag
Karthic Evony on Saturday October 15, 2011
disrespects flags.
zxvyqlwujtxnxwdf on Wednesday October 12, 2011
Known and witnessed PGA'er. Scum. Do not trust.
triangle_83 on Wednesday May 25, 2011
fuck yyou sistr and beybi idiot you delte acc fuck you beybi ashole pga add to may bad list!!
bivo on Tuesday May 24, 2011
try to change the points you get backstabbing for a girlfriend ...freak
juampess on Wednesday May 11, 2011
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