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Optical wrote
at 9:03 AM, Saturday June 15, 2013 EDT
Someone could record a game or take a screenshot of me backstabbing, cheating or lying. Even though I have played this game since the beta 2006, funny thing is that this has never happened and never will, since I never backstab, cheat or lie. Yet newbs will keep posting the same old bullshit on my reviews just because they get owned by me... There is no reason why I would have to accept your flag. If I don't accept your flag, it doesn't mean that I'm backstabbing. I might be an asshole sometimes, but never call me dishonest - saying that will only make you dishonest. If you are pissed off and want to give me a negative review, please do so, but instead of lying, perhaps you could write something like this: "I got owned by Optical and now I am so mad that I will waste more of my time by writing this review which will only make me even sadder wanker than I already am, if it's even possible. Since I cannot win you in this game of logic, I will write you this negative review, but at least I'm a better than 99% of the other sad wankers who wrote you a review, since I'm honest and don't call you a backstabber, liar or cheater like majority of other sad lying wankers do."
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