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Louis Cypher

May the happiness, honesty and friendliness you spread here return to you every day.
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Sore loser :) And quite vulgar... http://kdice.com/games/80254780
Janhalka on Wednesday December 6, 2017
best player ever
IQ Genius on Monday December 4, 2017
Cry baby. Sore loser. Deals death threats after losing in a tournament.
Juhokki on Monday September 18, 2017
best player ever
greeen on Tuesday September 5, 2017
True Gentleman Louis Cypher: Inga - you need somebody to slay yoru entire family, give me a call. Louis Cypher: if this was a good game, I hope you got aids.
Ing.a on Thursday August 17, 2017
not respecting any flags
SHO-GUN on Wednesday August 16, 2017
4november on Monday August 7, 2017
Racist loser
Gauntlet15 on Sunday July 23, 2017
queerer on Friday July 21, 2017
Good level of play, decent behavior in the chat. The only downside is paranoia about his percentage of luck. Every loss of 4v3 is regarded as a personal insult to Ryan. :) PS^ Despite the previous comments, over the years of playing with him - never saw backstab in his performance.
Zuma on Thursday July 20, 2017
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