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Louis Cypher

May the happiness, honesty and friendliness you spread here return to you every day. Notabene: I am a sore loser.
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go get a life. you're so dumb you forgot I gave you a kill a game before in 500 table. change your pills, the ones you are taking are not making effect anymore.
Capo Chino on Friday May 24, 2019
Top 3 most retarded and whining players in kdice.
Ipe on Thursday March 28, 2019
Nice guy. I was wrongly accused of p.g.a. and he defended me. Thanks.
PanzerRed on Thursday March 28, 2019
Really cool guy
MUTOMBA on Wednesday March 27, 2019
a dumb fuck from the word go far too much of a whiner
crzywabbit on Saturday February 23, 2019
Hitler Grandson... He is NAZI this boy is Hitler Grandson !!!!
1992 on Friday August 3, 2018
very sensitive
Dude112 on Saturday July 28, 2018
Fakes away, "misses" flags, farms after sitting out - this sorry piece of wasted biomass fulfilles any requirement to be identified as an asshole.
Step Ahead on Friday July 13, 2018
I used to like this game but you make it more and more unpleasant to be here. I can confirm Lalita's comment on the stalking and being an asshole. See you on 2k tables next month.
Rafkrik on Tuesday July 10, 2018
thanks louis ur one of the trustlable player around not losing yuour word for some kdice points
dicebomb on Saturday July 7, 2018
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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