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Recognized on 3:36 PM, Wednesday May 23, 2012 EDT by Rowdyazell
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Thank you for your reflection on your remarks. +chat KDICEMOD 8:20 PM, Thursday August 19, 2010 EDT
Female insensitivity.......think about your remark -chat KDICEMOD 8:18 PM, Thursday August 19, 2010 EDT
Time served.........the offended player is no longer offended +chat KDICEMOD 1:24 PM, Thursday March 4, 2010 EST
Used the N-word...........short chat timeout for you -chat KDICEMOD 1:19 PM, Thursday March 4, 2010 EST
Your avatar is inappropriate and was therefore removed. -avatar mystery man 2:28 PM, Tuesday December 30, 2008 EST

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jerkwad. Kill him on sight.
CGreenberg on Monday October 1, 2012
do good anyway on Friday September 21, 2012
I have no idea how many accts Bivo has, but it is my goal in life to get a review that makes no sense from all of them. 4 down so far.
Kehoe on Wednesday September 19, 2012
1 moneymaker$$ 3 1,718◆ 2 Brighty 3 1,111◆ 3 Dugong +8,625◆ 4 Kehoe +6,325◆ 5 @helenadelasage +4,600◆ 6 Jack Barrows +3,450◆ 7 Who'sNutz? +2,300◆ 8 ClicketyClack 0◆ 9 kuzal 0◆ 10 No_Man 0◆ 11 frizbi 0◆ hapyu idiot pga? fuck you mother idiot fuck fuck fuck fuck PGA RETARD UNFAIR BAD PLAYER!
tvor on Friday August 31, 2012
even just to tell you I played frisbee with Nick and I did not go to buffalo since you removed my ban these other PGA players were heckled, and put me - buffalo chat on why I right? mate Jurgen most of you are not in the admin You're right the last time we also do not like the ban given 7 days to claim you are playing from the same IP address on the ferret and the buffalo and I'm honestly say that I gave my brother the Account and that he played in Germany in Bonn, and say Your word is still stronger because you have a wildcard in the hole because you're an administrator, so you can give bank where you want but I think it is not fair not fair that most good players for injustice administrator kdice leaving this game, it's not fair that you and all who know kdicemod PGA players are and they will not sanction them because they're good with them such as a player Kehoe, what have I anything of course before you'll give me ban but Kehoe. again and I'll tell you those 7 days have passed and we're off and ban Remember not honestly tell you we could play with the same ip adrese.ali will not bother you in that I just want to tell you that I entered the nick frisbee and 2500 points invested I was in the position 1 seat this player is Jack Kehoe flagao Barrows him and I I tell you be Jack Barrows 2 place I fight with Kehoe 1/3 did not accept both of attacked me and I dropped 3 places, I began to curse where you are when you're most needed to see what they do, and followed by chat- KDICEMOD I think that's really the administrator with your totally unfair, but I say totally unfair. mock everyone, so that no man can, wedding guests were not kdicea points with money dollar coin not dollars, and be careful when KDICEMOD heard that I went on a buffalo profile and put buffalo - a chat? bjedno not that funny and the sad? why postupate.jurgen so do not have to justify to me I will definitely leave the game with a good documentary shot on youtube on most players, as
samac on Friday August 31, 2012
admin like you're intentionally PGA Kehoe saw the game and I've put a continuous harrassment after being warned. -Chat KDICEMOD 8:36 PM, Friday August 31, 2012 CDT , which is idiotic to you on the server so you force just right and good players from this server, deliberately gave me - chat a tournament that anyone can flagam.los you administrator.podrzavas PGA iograce I recorded all the cell phone. frizbi: you dead Jack Barrows: haha frizbi: ok frizbi: tournaments MordredKLB: bivo? Kehoe: you want me to ban your acct bivo? MordredKLB: LOL PRoCc: HAHAH BIVO? Jack Barrows: bivo PRoCc: STO NISTA NEGOVORIS PICKO MRTVA frizbi: idiot pga frizbi: retard Jack Barrows: how is your sister kuzal is here frizbi: fuck you jurgen server kdice frizbi: pga Jack Barrows: yes, im jurgen MordredKLB: why does he think you're jurgen? Kehoe: all belgians are the same Jack Barrows: all belgians are jurgen frizbi: brown next dead frizbi: ok MordredKLB: didn't know that frizbi: im not respecrt flag idiot MordredKLB: fuck you sistr beybi! Jack Barrows: i feel alive tbh frizbi: jurgen you fucked mother pga kuzal has left frizbi: idiots Kehoe: lol MordredKLB: learn english Kehoe: no Kehoe: please dont phillibilli has left MordredKLB: lol PRoCc has left Jack Barrows: lol Kehoe: i want you to keep talking like you do Jack Barrows: bebi frizbi: ok frizbi: moron frizbi: no problems Kehoe has left frizbi: im mobile MordredKLB has left Jack Barrows: as in a wheel chair? frizbi on Friday August 31, 2012
frizbi on Friday August 31, 2012
Trustworthy player, respected my flag in a tourney.
rainspirit on Monday August 20, 2012
good player honest to his word!
amirenk on Tuesday June 12, 2012
Nice + bro
CCSKAOT on Saturday May 26, 2012
being a spectator insults people playing, is there something more pathetic?
nexeto on Tuesday August 9, 2011
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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