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don't trust a so called flag from this backstabbing cunt
heraclitus on Monday June 8, 2020
great asshole
amazing grace on Thursday October 22, 2015
Jorkki... I just didn't take your flag because you played like total asshole last round.. so stop crying here. There was no PGA only PGE for you :-*
Yuck_Fou3 on Wednesday September 30, 2015
power tripping kid who likes to kill people who flag to him. beware. also extremely rude. does PGA.
jorkki on Tuesday September 29, 2015
true to his word
Archaeus on Wednesday September 2, 2015
A total asshole. As I said - you need help suiciding, contact me. I'll gladly do you the favor for free. All the shit this universe has to offer for you and your hopefully long and unhappy life in a wheelchair.
Louis Cypher on Thursday March 5, 2015
Tried to backstab and he still lost. LOL.
kDiceNoob22 on Wednesday August 20, 2014
not to be trusted
pitbulldutch on Thursday May 29, 2014
pge for life
zin8 on Friday April 11, 2014
He will flag you and stab you back when appropriate. Never trust him!
udonotwanttoseem on Saturday April 5, 2014
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