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Forget about probability and statistics, this is kdice.
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Recognized on 9:51 PM, Thursday November 10, 2016 EST by integral
calls winning rolls 90% of the time
Recognized on 4:47 PM, Monday December 15, 2014 EST by Rowdyazell
what is love....

Baby its 'modlove'
Recognized on 6:57 PM, Thursday November 13, 2014 EST by integral
thanks for your help in finding glitches and making this site more enjoyable
Recognized on 2:03 PM, Thursday December 26, 2013 EST by Rowdyazell
My apology for using the word stalking when you were not stalking just spamming

This player has been modded by the community

Maybe I should repost your current 2015 reviews here so you can read them again and realise you need to stop pgaing and you need to stop being a douchebag. Also, no need to whine like a baby to other mods that you need to be unbanned when your 7 days aren't over. +play jurgen 4:34 PM, Monday February 9, 2015 EST
Thanks for being such a mediocre player. You always handle your well deserved bans for pgaing, sharing, bullying, spamming without any shitty attitude. Keep up the good work. Enjoy a week off on ALL your accounts. -play jurgen 4:32 PM, Monday February 2, 2015 EST
bullying +play jurgen 6:42 PM, Sunday February 1, 2015 EST
bullying -play jurgen 6:41 PM, Sunday February 1, 2015 EST
enough time served, have fun +chat jurgen 4:59 PM, Tuesday September 9, 2014 EDT
3 day standard ban for death threats to Troy11 -chat jurgen 2:22 PM, Sunday September 7, 2014 EDT
Free Im Defeated! oh wait, nvm, I just did +play +post jurgen 5:44 PM, Wednesday July 30, 2014 EDT
be happy that I didn't mention pga too...oh wait I just did -post jurgen 6:19 PM, Friday June 27, 2014 EDT
sharing and/or proxying accounts -play jurgen 6:15 PM, Friday June 27, 2014 EDT
here is your chat back +chat Rowdyazell 10:32 PM, Monday December 23, 2013 EST
learn not to spam the chat box and stalk tomorrow you can have your chat back -chat Rowdyazell 12:32 PM, Monday December 23, 2013 EST

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great person
Pokemon Trainer on Thursday March 30, 2017
No, I'M DEFEATED! Im Defeated's turn dnaa defeated 5v7, 25 to 16, (3,6,6,5,5 to 6,1,1,5,1,1,1) dnaa defeated 4v2, 14 to 6, (2,6,1,5 to 2,4) dnaa defeated 3v2, 11 to 6, (3,6,2 to 4,2) dnaa defeated 2v1, 8 to 6, (6,2 to 6) -1000 for 7th -576 for dominance Rank: 78th Score: -1576 to 7145â??. dnaa finishes 7th in round 4
dnaa on Friday December 9, 2016
blantant PGA/favoring his friend in tourney -- [This review was automatically posted using Deadcode Tools for KDice. Download: http://kdice.com/profile/44773121]
Petermh on Tuesday December 6, 2016
back stabber
SlackTide on Friday November 25, 2016
you obama fucked mother CLASIC pga tournaments with chiefKeef and ovbogaert and orgi PGA TABLE 500 POINTS JURGEN + BAN! bivo on Monday April 29, 2013
Im Defeated on Friday November 25, 2016
STABER... evry game stab !!!! BAD PLAYER !!!!
State of Heroes on Friday November 25, 2016
Blatent stab in tourney. Do not accept flag.
Thibz on Sunday November 6, 2016
This 3 players: -deffonotTimer -hcdug -Jack Barrows He made private server of this game kdice unfortunately he downloaded server from Rayana without any euro. He enter on table to table from 0 points table to 100 points table, 500 points table and he accused how bivo play game with bosnian mafia. He have night nightmare from player BIVO because he know she are low from BIVO player. Than cry and public accused how Bivo play in clan with Bosnian Mafia. She are not unaware that Bivo is the best player in world and hacker. He can't destroy his account's, he played with him and she doesn't know for that. Jurgen and Integral help : -deffonotTimer -hcdug -Jack Barrows when this 3 player pose from anybody, that man recieve - play - chat - re register. That know fair administrator and quick sanctioned. I will give you next reasons: silent trucing most of your games with Kurton/Gilipter is pga, take 2 weeks off -play integral 10:57 PM, Monday May 2, 2016 EDT This show how much is fair administrator. And show how much is fair, and he don't take ban with not inactive time. Soon Kdice Goodbye for all time. This i will upload on youtube to know that it is fair, and again he will again see to ban me. He don't know that i have 100.000 accounts. -deffonotTimer -hcdug -Jack Barrows Soon goodbye your's medals and months for you play without reason. All this Rayan must read and other player that are accused for Pga Bivo Kurton.
Osman Mal on Wednesday August 24, 2016
hes homogay
greeen on Tuesday June 28, 2016
hes homogay
chiefKeef on Sunday December 13, 2015
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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