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restored +chat +play integral 10:24 PM, Friday January 2, 2015 EST
"cunt" is bannable as has been messaged for over 2 months -chat -play BigDaddyKane 12:36 PM, Sunday November 2, 2014 EST

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cp the review i made on my wall lol
KingOfHK on Friday July 20, 2018
stab stab stab
Ing.a on Wednesday July 11, 2018
I used to like this game but you make it more and more unpleasant to be here. I can confirm Lalita's comment on the stalking and being an asshole.
Louis Cypher on Tuesday July 10, 2018
please ban this guy. he continues to use the word cunt and insults any avatar I put up referring to my child as a monster or an alien. he follows me through tables and never stops being an asshole
Lalita Lani on Friday July 6, 2018
Backstabbing idiot. PGA with others
slimjim1333 on Thursday July 5, 2018
just a fucking idiot
l33tZ on Monday June 18, 2018
sounds like a complete asshole
Sazza34 on Saturday June 2, 2018
stabbed me 5/28/2018
JUSTcallmePRE on Monday May 28, 2018
nothing but stab
Lady Lite on Friday May 25, 2018
stealing the win
play_mate on Monday April 16, 2018
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