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Dan Gadbois

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Recognized on 11:34 PM, Sunday April 30, 2017 EDT by integral
gl 2 alls friends lets warrr

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zombie... be aware
Fraghunter on Sunday October 22, 2017
Flags, loses roll, keeps playing. Annoying AF kill on sight.
48430934809 on Wednesday October 11, 2017
he doesn't. think about his moves, he just attacks
Asmit1 on Tuesday October 3, 2017
He isn't very smart or good at this game.
Gauntlet15 on Tuesday September 5, 2017
love dan
greeen on Friday September 1, 2017
likes farm dont respect flags
Kaimans17 on Tuesday August 8, 2017
likes to farm very much
jorkki on Monday June 26, 2017
flags everyone everytime
landi on Monday June 26, 2017
He approached me, I noticed quickly he was getting too close for comfort. Can I help you? Without even saying hello he comes and rubs up against me. A smile from ear to ear and that look in his eyes. "But I'm a guy, and you're a guy" I said puzzled to him as his hips continued to thrust forward and backwards as he pressed his groin into my leg. "Bro, what the hell" I continued on, still puzzled and now becoming slightly annoyed. "My name is Dan Gadbois, and I love male on male contact" he whispered softly into my ear, never for a second stopping the motion of his thrusts. I could feel it grow in size on the side of my leg, I started to get sick, he smiled more and more. I turned to rush to the bathroom, big mistake! He noticed my back to him and he went for the kill, I drug him about 10 feet on my way to the bathroom as he hung by his privates only.
_The_Joker_ on Tuesday June 20, 2017
don't trust him. Don't accept his flag, he will backstab you.
sourismini on Tuesday June 6, 2017
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