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3v1ed me in a tourney, PGE for life
kittah on Friday February 12, 2016
seems to be fair, had a good tourney with ...
Grux on Tuesday February 9, 2016
ruined my fight by taking 3 of 6 connected lands, then flagged second without obvious reason, just don't take his flag
PRESIDENT N° 1 on Tuesday February 9, 2016
fair player does well, grats on the free roll win
l3roken on Friday November 30, 2012
good and fair player
Maxim Timofeyev on Monday November 26, 2012
I saw this guy stab in a freeroll... lmao.
BigDaddyKane on Wednesday November 21, 2012
After a honorable 1 vs 1 fight does not accept surrender and continues with a mysterious grudge in his soul. Does not udnerstand the concepts of the game
Norxxy on Friday July 20, 2012
disrespects flags, does not understand the game at all. Doesn't let people connect after flagging him at takes it as an atack on him.
J Wiggle on Friday May 27, 2011
pure moron
euphrates7 on Tuesday March 15, 2011
disrespecting Flags
c4a on Thursday March 10, 2011
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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