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PGA with rap1d.
gogogo123 on Monday August 11, 2014
pga moron fuck you small beybi and fullll famely idiot. idiot DONT RESPECT FLAG!
bivo on Sunday August 10, 2014
what can I say, a squirrel ran across my keyboard as I was trying to type 'entertainment' :p
OneShot7 on Monday August 4, 2014
Among his many talents he coined the word "netertainmenty". what's not to like.
MeetMehta on Monday August 4, 2014
Fair player, played a good game
Rowen on Monday July 28, 2014
he is pga and disrespects flags and isnt fair write ban reviews for your games with him pls and get him out
BillBlaster II on Saturday July 19, 2014
honest player
Worden on Saturday July 19, 2014
Fart gargling gnu strangler with herpes, crabs, genital warts and a fungal infection in his urinary tract.
jfcxncgn on Friday July 4, 2014
PGA with Toms
jordenlee45 on Thursday June 19, 2014
snotty kind of fellow - oooh - I got to leave here - his photo in large makes we want vote for an avatar ban. and yeah - he plays like an ass - steals kills - doesnt give kills, stabs and teams up in tourneys.
Brennwert on Monday June 2, 2014
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