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Brad Sewell wrote
at 9:51 PM, Saturday June 4, 2011 EDT
Jack Hunter: LOL, you actually area a kid arnt you
Brad Sewell: "you actually area a kid" what do you mean
Brad Sewell: what area of mine are you interested in?
Jack Hunter: oh you must be the guy who mad the game
Brad Sewell: im not mad at the game
Jack Hunter: Oh your teh Kidec Cop
Jack Hunter: lol
Brad Sewell: what is Kidec?
Brad Sewell: o
Brad Sewell: the Arnie movie
Brad Sewell: i love that one
Jack Hunter: Yip youre actaully a kid
Brad Sewell: i think it was Kindergarden Cop
Brad Sewell: that was a funny movie
Brad Sewell wrote
at 6:57 PM, Thursday June 2, 2011 EDT
Stabbers Logic:
MarquisDaniels: i got 2 kills thats what really counts
Brad Sewell wrote
at 2:31 AM, Monday May 30, 2011 EDT
sadistic angeI: everyone pga here
sadistic angeI: because mods are dikless
Brad Sewell: 7 pga's is fun
sadistic angeI: brad, u the worst pga ever

(i dont think she quite understood 7 pga's)
Brad Sewell wrote
at 4:55 AM, Saturday April 23, 2011 EDT
BAMMBI: blue red wont answer me
Brad Sewell wrote
at 10:11 PM, Friday April 22, 2011 EDT
will the thrill: we dont truce in this game
Brad Sewell wrote
at 10:50 PM, Wednesday April 20, 2011 EDT
TheDarkKnight: He has 2k points
TheDarkKnight: is an idiot
Brad Sewell wrote
at 3:15 AM, Saturday April 16, 2011 EDT
mulia: as much as i hate playing against pgas, i think brad is kinda annoying.
Brad Sewell wrote
at 2:59 AM, Saturday April 16, 2011 EDT
Magikarp splash: games over
Magikarp splash: we win
zaaaannnnnn: hahaah
Brad Sewell wrote
at 2:59 AM, Saturday April 16, 2011 EDT
Magikarp splash: "We only PGA at the 100 tables" reffering to zaaaannnnnn:)
Brad Sewell wrote
at 3:30 AM, Friday April 15, 2011 EDT
woka: shit up and oplkay alone, idiot
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