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MercuryBoy: flag... or not. Roxas74: sorry...I just don'tlike you purp. MercuryBoy: why is that? Roxas74: since you attacked yellow while he had flagged. MercuryBoy: no i didn't. Roxas74: yes you did. MercuryBoy: i never even attacked yellow this game... i took out brown. Roxas74: He gave you a verbal flag,and you attacked him. MercuryBoy: i didn't attack him. Roxas74: besides...I just don't like you. MercuryBoy: lol... you don't like me for something you're totally wrong about, that's good. Roxas74: And I like to piss off people... MercuryBoy: yellow flagged to you. so you attacking yellow is what? just showing that you're stupid? Roxas74: because I hate peoaple who are flagging. MercuryBoy: well why didn't you say that in the first place.
MercuryBoy on Friday September 3, 2010
dont respect flags...he was first and killed anyone on the table...stupid player
GlauZH on Wednesday September 1, 2010
pga? WTF...I never pga with no one....
Roxas74 on Tuesday August 31, 2010
fuck you pga , dont trust him
dziastis on Tuesday August 10, 2010
fucking typical cheesehead.doesnt respect flags. asshole
Pustekuchen on Tuesday August 3, 2010
Fun player, respected my flag and other flags as well
Brittany88 on Saturday July 24, 2010
Flags 3rd then gets bored of waiting for 1st and second to finish their fight so we can fight for 3rd and so starts attacking 2nd. He also then left a review calling me an asshole when I wasn't even one of the people who then killed him for disrespecting his flag because I was on the other side of the board (although were I not, I would have). If you play that way Roxas, people are going to treat you that way. Wise up, kid.
Diado on Tuesday July 20, 2010
flags and attacks and doesn't respect flags.
Noodles72 on Wednesday July 14, 2010
No respect for flags, absolutely no sense of how to play.
Tee_ on Tuesday July 13, 2010
asshole permanent pge
luxsolis on Tuesday July 13, 2010
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