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Compleete idiot. He doesn't understand how to play. DO NOT TRUST!
Kylo Ren on Monday August 15, 2016
good player, better friend. my day 1 nigga
Petermh on Monday August 8, 2016
The player wrote this on my Reviews: "Swingerkid got his first taste for the homosexual dance lifestyle as young adult after watching Patrick Swayze perform in Dirty Dancing. While watching it repeatedly on VHS in his Dad's boyfriend's attic, Swingerkid would relentlessly practice his dance moves in the mirror between frantically jerking himself off while plunging his asshole with random objects he pulled from the rubbish bin. This daily ritual continued for nearly 15 years, all the while Swingerkid enjoyed a free education, furnished apartment, and wellfare thanks to the advanced Swedish social system. The Swedish social system even took care of his many doctor visits for such things as penile hematoma, ruptured anus, and prolapsed colon. Hooked on prescription pain meds along with a decreased libido and urge for deviance, Swingerkid hit a slump and pondered suicide. He gobbled up his last bits of chocolate and other other candies he bought using his welfare check, and crawled his pale ghastly sore-ridden anemic body towards his window. High off the pain meds and using the burst of energy from the sugar, he flung open the window and perched his bony ass with prolapse upon the window sill, like a disgusting disease ridden vulture ready to feast on decomposing flesh. His prolapsed colon hung from his ass and waived in the wind like a pink sock hanging from a clothesline before the cold breeze caused it to retract and twist into a fist sized ball against his anus. Swingerkid peered down at the street below him, cheerful Swedes and refugees walked about wondering how long the country could support such an altruistic and naive system, all the while Swingerkid felt empty inside. His whole life he never had to do anything or face any obstacles. He never felt hunger or had to struggle or strive for anything. He was empty inside. Just as Swingerkid was loosening his grip with his white claw like fingers with purple veins, he heard something. A faint but wild and ferocious trumpet sounded and an accompanying beat wiggled it's way to his ears. It was a clearly a Cuban beat, but the naive and complacent Swingerkid wouldn't have known that. But he did know that he LOVED it. He used his last burst of energy to roll backwards into the room flopping down onto his wood floor like a festering rope of spoiled sausage links. But that life-giving Cuban beat possessed him somehow, and he wiggled and squirmed his way to the source of that mysterious beat, his subsidized flat screen television sitting on his Ikea stand. Like a blind man having his sight for the first time, like finding an oasis in the desert, there it was before him on the television; Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights. Swinger kid pressed his frail index finger upon the remote as the television volume maxed out. He was completely enamored by the sweaty muscular black gentlemen and chiseled latino men girating and thrusting their toned bodies. Swingkid found a new purpose for his life and wondered where it had been for so long. Had only he known about Havana Nights sooner he thought. Swingkid was inspired, he HAD to know what else was out there waiting for him to discover. He pried open his sticky and crusty Macbook Air he was gifted for college. But today was going to be different. For the first time, he used his notebook computer for something other than gay porn or sex chat. He had to know if there was a Dirty Dancing 3. On the 11th day of his search, by chance he was lead to site full of the most toxic and depraved basement dwellers on the internet: Kdice. With a flaccid dick disappearing into his left palm, the television remote lodged somewhere in his lower intestines, and his right hand bonded to the track pad of his Macbook by bodily fluids, Swingerkid began clicking and clicking upon stacks of colorful dice. Today you will still find Swingerkid, postponing day by day his inevitable suicide, occupying his time and distracting himself from the dark hopeless despair of his meaningless existence, one kdice game at a time. Donald Krunk on Friday July 15, 2016" Reported in the forum and I hope this account will be deleted/banned. Very foul mouth. Muted!
Swingkid on Thursday July 21, 2016
Honor to his f* name.
-Antonio- on Friday July 15, 2016
lamer as hell
probabler on Wednesday October 21, 2015
good player, he has honour
RACSO77 on Monday December 29, 2014
Very sensitive player. Watch you don't upset him.
hyperfine_transi on Wednesday December 24, 2014
mute early and mute often. he doesn't have a thing to tell you.
timquick on Saturday December 20, 2014
I was about to say sry for calling you pussy here on your nice review list. But let me explain that in Holland pussy has he same meaning (in this context) as chicken. And I thought again about the way you played, which was keep on attacking me while I was double your size at a point. Then go stab red when you notice you are losing and defend that action by saying he should have helped you (he flagged you, not truced). Then you say: Donald Krunk: and tom, wtf were you waiting for? Tom who was not ruining our little 1/2 fight and accepted he had gotten less luck from Ryan this particular game. So to conclude, you where expecting 2 others to help you and 3v1 me out of 1st. Thats chicken to me. Enjoy the game.
DutchBastard on Thursday December 18, 2014
first flagged to me. than i tell him i have to go out with my 8 to fight properly. He didnt say anything the whole time. After i got attacked, he start attacking too. I dont trust his flags anymore.
Tony Middle on Tuesday December 9, 2014
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