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landi on Saturday August 25, 2018
kryp2nite08 on Friday September 8, 2017
Vilosofy on Tuesday January 26, 2016
bad bad player, kill on sight
beatol1 on Monday October 19, 2015
flags and stabs
axlehammer on Thursday October 15, 2015
Liptak: u have no chance ProVVe: with you? flager? Liptak: i told u so Liptak: ProVVe: flagf prup Liptak: :) ProVVe: after your weak flag Liptak: :) Liptak: of course Liptak: weak Liptak: as u looked u could fight him :) ProVVe: do u watch game? Liptak: u would have to flag him anyway ProVVe: i am not you Liptak: even if all of us would fight him ProVVe: your weak will change game Liptak: so shut up you retarded slut rowcow: language dude... Liptak: your weak mother let me fuck her yesterday ProVVe: why toy are rude and call your mom ProVVe: ?; ProVVe: are you mad Liptak: i like your mom Liptak: im not being rude Liptak: shes my little slut ProVVe: just stupid? Liptak: she's not dude Liptak: dont talk about your mom like that Liptak: it's not hre fault she is little slow ProVVe: ehhh ok kid -------- and i easly beat him
ProVVe on Tuesday October 6, 2015
gives kills
eurasianbro on Wednesday July 8, 2015
very sad person
dahl on Sunday July 5, 2015
enjoy to be my pge in every future game - i wont forget it
Mrs. M on Friday June 5, 2015
PGA with MaloCoko
MaxWanted on Sunday April 19, 2015
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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