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cgee on Sunday July 8, 2012
kept his word every time i played with him
Peter Griffin on Monday December 27, 2010
dishonourable, went against me when he was only two lands and i was fighting for first or second
PRESIDENT N° 1 on Monday October 25, 2010
Trutsworthy. He verbal flagged 2nd, later he become 1st but still kept his word.
santi_monse on Wednesday July 28, 2010
unfair player without honor
Sh4dowGoD on Wednesday June 30, 2010
pga with boreczek, bar101
BashOgreBash on Wednesday March 31, 2010
PGA cheater
alta_eos on Friday January 15, 2010
I wasnt playing with her (she is too good to sit at one table with me). But, she is a friend of mine.
[-Attila-] on Wednesday September 16, 2009
Pga with LENANEL
TheBetterYodel on Saturday September 12, 2009
Asshole, saying flag 4th to me then kill me, UNTRUSTWORTHY. Should get kill by everyone on the table FOREVER.
killerken62 on Wednesday September 9, 2009
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