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Recognized on 2:25 AM, Wednesday September 16, 2009 EDT by Rob S.
for helping to clean up inapropriate behavior and spam on gpokr

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wrong user +chat +post These cards suck 8:46 PM, Tuesday December 15, 2009 EST
repeated use of language that is inappropriate for this site. muted for two weeks. -chat -post These cards suck 6:02 PM, Tuesday December 15, 2009 EST
Avitar is inappropriate for site...if it was a woman doing the same thing it would be considered pornagraphic -avatar Rob S. 11:52 PM, Saturday October 24, 2009 EDT

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hey hunny...kick some ass
toxic_avenger23 on Sunday January 29, 2012
Nice player. Can be trusted.
Kingofskillz on Monday August 15, 2011
does not respect flags
nexeto on Friday July 1, 2011
I'm not going ot argue over a game.. bottom line is I would have flagged out for you. You chose not to, that's your perogative. But, this game and it is not worth the BS. I'd rather just let it go and be nice.
Loobee on Friday January 28, 2011
Pattie is a sweetie, always friendly and one of the fairest and most honourable players i have seen, she plays the game for all the right reasons ... good luck Pattie :D
barmat on Sunday January 16, 2011
wonderful and honorable player
scarp8 on Wednesday November 3, 2010
Nice girl / bad girl !!
olkainry38 on Sunday October 10, 2010
CCSKAOT on Monday August 9, 2010
Never did something mean, very honest and honorable lady, allways nice to have her on the table.
Mustang on Wednesday July 28, 2010
sorry for beimg mean hope all is well :)
Kdice_CPR on Thursday July 22, 2010
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