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cant be trusted
Mate Raši? on Tuesday February 3, 2015
Bear Bryant would not be pleased to see you as one of his supporters. You are truly a disgusting human being.
cadpilot on Sunday December 9, 2012
pga with phantom-r
petuniamm on Thursday November 8, 2012
BamaNation, my point was that 'high level' guys ALWAYS want to truce. It makes sense when points and trophies are your main goal. In our game, though, you could have flagged to blue and fought for 2 or 3. I KNOW that YOUR way you were getting 1 or 2, but it wasn't a fight. You offered to ROLL for 1 or 2 after killing off blue. Please save that for the 100 Level or higher tables. The 0 tables are FUN, and a large part of the fun comes because truces--spoken and unspoken--are rare. Try it without truces--at least on the 0 tables. You will like it. Flag instead if you want the chance to finish a fight.
3.14159 on Thursday November 1, 2012
PGA with sac_lunch and crupiesp.
JC Denton on Thursday October 25, 2012
Got really hurt when i questioned his understanding of flags, got defensive started insulting me and bragging about his dices, what a douchebag. Just lets never interact again, that will fix all.
Strenght on Saturday October 6, 2012
He doesn't hesitate to truce with other players just to fuck somebody. He doesn't understand what is a fair game!!!!
sword881 on Tuesday October 11, 2011
Vinnie Papandrea on Thursday August 4, 2011
Good solid player. Trustworthy.
East on Friday July 29, 2011
i have played soma games with that guy. Here is a short summary: doeasnt respect flag, dom farmer, early flagger, weak flagger, dom farmer. thats all
Plokijuma on Thursday July 21, 2011
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