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Friendly player. Waited for my 3/4 fight to finish to cut thru for his 1/2 fight, even though he needed to grow.
Soromon on Thursday September 20, 2012
PGA shithead
King of the Dice on Wednesday September 19, 2012
Douchebag. Ruined my game for the fun of it. KIll on sight.
CGreenberg on Thursday September 13, 2012
Player accepted my flag but later killed me while I was saving up to attack player ahead of me. Poor sportsmanship.
Gnopps on Wednesday August 29, 2012
stupid stupid player
seeb on Thursday January 12, 2012
good, honarable, fair player
PeterSSon on Wednesday January 11, 2012
Hehe he kill BGA on a table and backstab him- now he cry :) BGA allways backstabb ppl. It was a teach. Sabr is nice player!
Matyi Somogyi on Sunday January 8, 2012
doesn't respect flags and pga Matyi Somogyi
BGA on Sunday January 8, 2012
Idiot player...
Mandoulis on Wednesday January 4, 2012
Nice player. Gave good advice.
AllAbootPK on Tuesday November 29, 2011
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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