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ignorant asshole -- [This review was automatically posted using Deadcode Tools for KDice. Download: http://kdice.com/profile/44773121]
peter luftig on Sunday February 17, 2013
stabbed me in the back "just for fun". Put me from 1ST to 5TH. Dont trust, do not accept flag. I know i never will.
Help, I'm a rock on Thursday February 7, 2013
nice to play with him,great player
gazdarica on Monday July 9, 2012
lol antifascist
Scorf on Saturday March 31, 2012
PGA with pizza-the_hutt
AnTiFaScHiSt on Saturday March 31, 2012
scorf , Fusili Jerry , partykoala PGA
ercaneraygul on Monday March 19, 2012
not nice to play with
Ron Paul on Thursday February 23, 2012
fucking faggot. no respect for this player, a total douche
farnahae7 on Tuesday February 21, 2012
I HONESTLY THOUGHT he is a fair and good player, but as i know meanwhile he has no backbone at all but prefers 3vs1 instead of let others do a fair fight.......Scorf, you fool - you are lvl 56 and so you should know a flag doesnt mean you HAVE to help the other one. you could have easily sit for position in this case, but hey ! ofc u have only 2600 points so ofc you need 65 points (for your ego?) at a 100table for 2nd, no?...we had more than 1 good game, but the last few games were simply disapointing bc of your style - idk why you turned to be such an ass
Mrs. M on Thursday February 9, 2012
level 55 and u still only post bullshit reviews? i feel sorry for u
Mr.Snuff on Wednesday January 11, 2012
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