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Psycho creep. He hates women with a passion. He doesn't understand the flagging system. He has no sense of fair play, sport or even common courtesy. He is vulgar and angry. He is especially rude to women. I cannot believe what he said in game! He was very rude to a negro lady in the map and dropped the N-Bomb!!! Racist and sexist creep. Should be banned because there are children and people of all genders and races playing. This kind of creep should not be tolerated in the 21st century!
SyphiIis on Tuesday May 5, 2009
Can't remeber you ... sry! But nice reviews you have ... :p
Hugo van Almsick on Wednesday April 29, 2009
has issues. mysoginistic pervert.
hannibal_barca on Monday April 13, 2009
cunthair3 on Monday April 13, 2009
I've never played him either, must have issues.
The Dark on Saturday April 11, 2009
I've never played against this prick and he gives me a bad review. You be the judge!
kennieman on Saturday April 11, 2009
Lies on his flags... Has weird attraction to mothers... If only abortion was legal in your country..
trc_131 on Saturday April 11, 2009
just when you thought the game could contain no more assholes...along comes this dick
Partnative on Friday April 10, 2009
flags and keeps attacking...
grigir on Monday April 6, 2009
says he will flag, then attacks you for first
MarquisDaniels on Wednesday April 1, 2009
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