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Good honest player.
etjam on Tuesday November 18, 2014
This dude is boring too.
Cirquedaddy on Friday March 12, 2010
This guy says he wants to have sex with young girls...creepy!
Antarctica on Monday December 7, 2009
lol no basis? lol u fucked up dark_light22 to help yellow cuz dark had a pge against yellow and now u think wer r pga lmao at u
InFIKrazY on Wednesday December 2, 2009
PGA with dark_light12 and doesn't respect flags, and makes PGA accusations of others with no basis to try to cover this up
LinkWorth on Wednesday December 2, 2009
this guy flagged me, then he attacked with an other who was also flagged to me, i sit and wait, then they both attacked me. dont trust this guy
Dutch-1 on Tuesday December 1, 2009
Who the fuck are you and why are you leaving me reviews?
Robert SJ on Monday October 19, 2009
Asks to be 'cool' and then attacks. Arsehole.
Freddie G on Monday October 19, 2009
pga with mcbane ... bad player all together
WanderingBuddha on Wednesday February 11, 2009
acmilanfan3 on Sunday December 28, 2008
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