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shitty player. not cool. possible pga with mikezzz1973
karamogo on Thursday December 18, 2008
i agree to everyone that he's a bad player. respects nobody
Manwe on Monday December 15, 2008
Had a strange game with him, where he went from 1st to 4th. I didn't help him when I should/could've. He didn't bitch or whine, just accepted it and moved on. Huge respect for him and owe him 100's of points.
Ketchel on Tuesday December 9, 2008
really rude, does not respect anything. bad player
hurratorpedo on Friday November 28, 2008
He doesn't respect flags. He is very rude.
eljavi on Sunday November 23, 2008
I see nothing wrong with this player.
_Baldy_ on Wednesday November 19, 2008
Doesn't respect flags
ILoveYouToo on Sunday November 16, 2008
I want to take a moment to thank all of my fans who posted here. I feel honored that I'm so loved by such a class of people
Gamara on Monday November 10, 2008
huge fag.
Gdott on Sunday November 9, 2008
good player, fair. Fun to play with.
ori1968 on Saturday November 8, 2008
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