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Recognized on 2:46 AM, Wednesday December 10, 2014 EST by BigDaddyKane
For service to our country

This player has been modded by the community

Time has been served. If the rudeness continues the -chat punishment will be for much longer than a week. +chat +post holyharlequin 7:01 PM, Saturday March 20, 2010 EDT
Extremely rude and condescending player. Once week ban on chat. -chat -post Vermont 8:35 PM, Wednesday March 10, 2010 EST

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so he got "rewarded" with a contributor-badge for "serving the country" (don't know what this has to do with kdice though)- but will he also get "rewarded" for using the word "cunt" multiple times? http://www.directupload.net/file/d/4219/pwvsxkyu_png.htm
Mrs. M on Thursday December 31, 2015
unfair / boring / rude
avesano on Tuesday December 29, 2015
Extremely rude and condescending player. Doesn't respect flags, stabber.
poli24 on Tuesday December 22, 2015
Wow, what an utter and total douchebag. Hope to fuck him up again soon.
Darth Mole on Thursday December 17, 2015
Sore loser. Whines a lot.
gtalum on Tuesday December 15, 2015
Doesn't accept flag to wipe out 1on1 then Stabs 1st.
Eric Müller on Thursday December 10, 2015
Stabs for a piddly little 50pt kill on a 0 table. Reeks of desperation and loneliness
Scammer on Friday December 4, 2015
let me reiterate. A pure-bred backstabber, and constantly shows the garbage of a human being he is.
junobeach on Friday September 4, 2015
Do you run across the map on a string connect for a 3v2 when every spot you gained would get eaten? http://kdice.com/games/71462668 If I connect then it looks like green cuts me, purple eats my left and you gobble my right. At least you could have tried a 6v6 instead of suiciding to get a 5v4 on me. It's not like I was trying to stack an island.
Krangar on Thursday September 3, 2015
Total douchebag stabber, kill on site
WingedWheeler19 on Monday August 31, 2015
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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