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PGA'er! Be carefull!
fitnah on Wednesday February 11, 2009
"What some people call a PGA, others would call friends." That's also my explanation of your review of me.
Spokos on Wednesday February 4, 2009
pgaer, tried to be honest, but couldnt
lexx on Sunday January 25, 2009
I don't like players who say others who have to attack... to get a better place.
Canarioz on Thursday January 22, 2009
pga's with kimaru
Roll Over on Saturday January 10, 2009
Honorable player, trustful and fair! He won't break his word and he's respecting flags. Fun to play with.
Kimaru on Friday January 2, 2009
clever player. respected.
MadWilly on Friday January 2, 2009
What some people call a PGA, others would call friends. Me and Kimaru sympathised in an earlier game and wanted to play more games on the same table. After all, what is kdice's friend feature for if not for getting to know others and maybe have more games together with them. I hate PGAs and therefore I don't PGA myself, since they ruin the game for others. Being friends does NOT mean being allied! It's just sad some idiots have to jump to their conclusions right away.
Rapt0r on Thursday January 1, 2009
pga with rapt0r Kimaru: rap Kimaru: follow me (to the next game)
Jslap! on Thursday January 1, 2009
we made an arrangement, and he held to it... and it was a lot of fun playing with him :)
Lotoreo on Tuesday December 23, 2008
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